Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Stuff

Here are some things that have been going on as of late:

Moriah got a terrible rash ALL over her body (after starting Amoxicillin for what was diagnosed as Strep, but turned out not to be).

Poor kid!

Being goofy on one of their last times in the neighborhood pool

On Labor day morning we went to the zoo with friends

Last swim of the season!

Crazy pool hair
(he got a much needed haircut this weekend!)

The kids with some of their friends who came to the "game and snack night in our garage on the 4th

These two had never played Sorry before!

Moriah and Mia playing Snakes and Ladders

This little guy was amazing at shooting hoops!

Some pics from my phone:

Caleb LOVES this Flash costume from his friend, Treyson
(he even wore it to the grocery store!)

Moriah and I loved trying on these funny character heads at Walmart!

Hahahaha!   I didn't realize how much the face suited my stance! ;)

On another outing, we got distracted by this cutie at the pet store

We had our first CC community day on the 8th.   This is Keenan's second year in Essentials (the afternoon, writing and grammar class) and he has a brand new tutor.   The kids loved this math game she brought.

Everyone scrambling to find the most pirates

Ha!  Look at Keenan's face in this picture!  I think he's feeling the pressure of solving Math with a time crunch!

That about wraps us up to the present.   Next up on the blog will be our RV adventures!  Woohoo!!!


Stephanie said...

Hey Joia!
Im allergic to Amoxicillian...I had the same thing happen. I had strep throat; took amoxicillian & near the end of taking it I broke out in a rash similar to Moriah. Was instructed to take benedryl to clear it up. Was it something else Moriah had or was hers an allergic reation as well?

Bethany said...

I've had that reaction to amoxicillin as well =/ No fun and no more 'cillins.

Looking forward to the RV tales! Don't use regular toilet paper (even if someone says it's ok...) better safe than sorry... good ol' thin Scott worked just fine though in our camper =)

Mom W. said...

Wow, is that the first time she had Amox? I guess she is allergic, ya think?

The puppy was SO cute, how could you not take it home? ;) Good to know about the TP too ;) Happy RVing!!