Sunday, September 17, 2017

BFFRVV Day 3 - Death Valley and The Bellagio

On Thursday, we all woke up pretty early, since we were two hours ahead of Kansas time.   We got an early start on the three hour drive to Death Valley National Park in California.

Shortly after leaving Vegas, we saw a sign to watch for Bighorn Sheep.    We weren't very optimistic (or I wasn't at least, but we all kept our eyes peeled... and I saw one!)   Philip turned around and he spotted it again, and then after we stopped, we realized there was a Bunch of them!   We were able to get a really good look at them with the binoculars and I got some great photos.

This was the main guy that we saw at first (he had the best horns)

...but look!   There's Six in this picture!
They are beautiful animals and we felt so blessed to have seen them!

Scenery on the drive

Our first park!

Yup, things are dead around here
(It got it's name because thirteen pioneers on an early expedition during the California Gold Rush died trying to cross it)

This was one of the highlights for us.... it was so HOT!

Badwater Basin is the lowest point in North America
(the arrow is pointing to a sign that says "sea level", 282 feet Above us!)

It is a MASSIVE salt flat that stretches as far as you can see!

So. much. salt.

My squinties and I

It was Incredibly bright with the sung glaring off the salt, so the boys were actually walking with their eyes closed on the way back

This part is called "The Devil's Golf Course", because the salt has built up in such deep jagged formations

Philip got me a new wide angle lens for an anniversary present and it has been Perfect for this trip!

Short hike at a scenic viewpoint

Beautiful desolation

Love this

The photo doesn't do it justice, but the rocks were So colorful!

On the "Artist's Drive" the road had So many dips!

The colors in the rocks on this particular drive are spectacular, although they apparently look their best around sunset, and we were there right around noon, at the worst time of day for best color.

This spot had some of the best colors

Next we drove (and I napped) up to Dante's View, a beautiful overlook of the valley at 5,476 feet above sea level, so over a mile above where we were at Badwater Basin.  (It was also used as a filming location in 1977 for Star Wars.)

Death Valley
(the white part is the salt flats!)

A cool chick

This was a sweet and surprising moment when Keenan grabbed Philip's hand for this part of the walk

Look at that wide angle!!

Fun mountain top silhouette

Family shot over the valley

Kids on top of the world

How is he so grown up??
I love these ones Keenan took for us =)

The kids each wanted a pose of their own:

The new lens is Great for selfies, too!

Caleb got a scrape on the way down so Philip patched him up

On the way back into Vegas we stopped at the sign.   We just got a picture off to the side, since there was a huge line of people waiting to take photos (including two brides and grooms!)

Now it's official

We went back to the house, the kids swam, we showered and then Uncle Bob and his friend, Debra came over and brought Chinese take out for dinner.   It was delicious!   We had shrimp and chicken foo young for the first time and loved it!

Caleb's fortune cookie was Hilarious!!

After dinner, we drove downtown with Uncle Bob and went to the Bellagio.

They always do an over the top job of decorating.  This was all flowers!!

We showed the kids the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain

Caleb Really wanted a sample

...and the famous "Fiori di Como" blown glass ceiling, made by Chihuly, who has a miniature version of this on display at our art museum in Wichita!

Next up was the fountains out in front of the Bellagio.   There is a different show every fifteen minutes set to music.  It is spectacular.

Caleb was mesmerized

Us between two shows

Well that about wraps up our time in Vegas.   The next day we actually got the RV!   Stay tuned!


Mom W. said...

Wow, that was some trip to Death valley,

Shrimp and chicken foo young... love it!!!

The world's largest chocolate fountain... sure a good thing I don't live in Vegas!!

Looking forward to the next installment!!

Loved the picture where Keenan took Philip's hand!!! So good!!

Anonymous said...

Are you glad you did Death Valley? I found it a really long drive. And it was SO hot... I was really glad we did it once, but I don't think I'd want to go back.
In other news, I'm SURE we did the same short walk to the scenic point :)