Monday, September 18, 2017

BFFRVV Day 4 - Home Sweet RV!

Friday morning was spent making shopping lists and planning the rest of the day.    We took the Chinese leftovers over to Uncle Bob's at lunch and ate with him and met his two sweet cats.

It was so great spending time with Uncle Bob!

After leaving his house, we went to pick up our RV from Road Bear.   It was nicer and longer (by five feet!) than what we were expecting!   It also has Two pop outs instead of one, so it's quite massive inside!

Here it is set up in the driveway while we were loading

Main living area

Looking back towards the front

Our bedroom at the back, with it's own door

The bed is quite comfortable (although it's a good thing we aren't any taller!)  

 It has a TON of storage space - enough for all of our clothes with space left over!

Looking from the bedroom back to the front

This little area is between our bedroom and the main living area... it has it's own lights and a curtain that goes around and is the Perfect spot for me to have my quiet time in the morning when I get up before everyone else!

Bathroom, it's quite nice - good storage space and the shower is great!

The little kitchen is perfect for what we need!   It definitely encourages organization and never leaving dirty dishes lying around!   We have had some delicious meals cooked in this little corner!

After getting the RV, we went shopping for groceries for the next week, as well as a bunch of random things we still needed.   We drove back to the VRBO, dropped the groceries off, and then I drove the van to the rental car place and Philip and the kids waited a bit and then came and picked me up in the RV.

We spent the rest of the evening moving into the RV, and after the kids went to bed, Philip and I enjoyed a swim under the beautiful Vegas sky.


Anonymous said...

This is GORGEOUS! I don't think I've ever seen a nicer RV! Seems like a great way to see the country. I've said to Mark before that I want to travel in an RV so that I can sleep while he drives. He asked me how that would be any different from the way we travel now... Well, I could nap lying down! Anyway, he doesn't seem to like the idea and mentioned I'd have to sit up in the front seat with him, which would kind of defeat the purpose. Maybe we'll have to rent an RV AND hire a driver :)

Mom W. said...

Haha Rebekah's comment...chauffeur!!! I am the one that drives while Dad sleeps and he seems to do that fine in ANY vehicle!!!

I am dying to know the rest of the sentence you ended with Joia... =) The RV is so HUGE, I am so glad I am not driving that, especially in the mountains. So fun though!!