Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BFFRVV Day 9 - Arches Hike and Travel to Grand Canyon

Most of the Junior Ranger books required the kids to attend a Ranger Program and so we often had to plan our touring around one of these talks.  The astronomy program satisfied the requirement the night before but by that point the visitor center was already closed so Philip and the kids made a final trip on the shuttle to claim the Junior Ranger badges while I folded some laundry and enjoyed a little quiet time.  When they returned Philip showed me the pin we earned for our hike yesterday (it requires at least 3 miles so we more than doubled the minimum):

Utah has more than its fair share of national parks and we did not have plans to visit Arches, Canyonlands or Capitol Reef in this trip.  To give us a tiny taste of Arches (really tiny in comparison of course) Philip found a short trail in Red Canyon (part of Dixie National Forest) on the way from Bryce to the North Rim.  It is called the Arches Trail and has 15 small arches in a 0.7 mile loop.

Do you see the kids and I here? =)

Moriah and Caleb to the right of a large hoodoo

Such rugged beauty

They posed themselves for this shot

I just loved the texture in this old tree

Moriah and I Loved this pretty "wall" (this also shows off the dainty ring she bought on this trip)

Isn't this incredible!?  It almost looks handmade!

Also super cool

Girl's selfie!

This hike was a helpful breather partway through a bit of an off day for all of us. =)

In the riverbed, Philip and the kids smashed some stones open - look how beautiful this one is!

We stopped for gas and groceries in Kanab, UT before ending the day in Jacob Lake, AZ about 45 miles north of the Grand Canyon.  One downside of getting a larger than expected RV is that we couldn't fit in the site that Philip has reserved for two nights so we had to make alternate plans to get as close as possible and only spend one night in the park.

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