Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BFFRVV Day 7 - Canyon View Hike and First Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunday morning we headed out of Zion and hit the road for Bryce Canyon!

A look back at the RV as we were stopped for me to take some pictures:

A huge, "blind" arch in the wall

Headed into the tunnel!   They hold up traffic and only let one way go at a time, since it is so narrow that RVs have to drive down the middle!

After leaving the tunnel, we parked about half a mile down the road and walked back to do the Canyon Overlook hike.   It was a fairly steep and sometimes precarious hike, along fairly narrow ledges, usually with no rail or fence.

Moriah near the beginning of the hike

The canyon got So narrow in some points!

This boardwalk was just suspended on the side of the cliff over the canyon

A big "shelf" underneath (no rails)

Looking out from the shelf

The trail itself was So pretty!

We made it!    Look at that view!

Keenan being manly

Moriah being cute

Philip and I in front of the canyon

I love these of Caleb =)

...and on our way back down.. I heard a man's voice say, "I don't believe it!"

...and there were Lynne and Peter again!!  =)
(they said they were on their way to Bryce next as well!)

Some beautiful views on the way to Bryce...

Checkerboard Mesa

When we got to Bryce, we drove to the furthest end of the park (18 miles) and did the Bristlecone Loop hike from Rainbow Point.    We had heard multiple friends of ours say that Bryce was their favorite park, so we were Very excited to see it!

The view was spectacular even before we started!

Along the trail

Keenan and I

The vegetation and trees along this part of the trail was So different than what we'd seen at Zion!

The kids needed pictures of themselves with some different signs to earn their Bryce Junior Ranger badges.

Philip and I also needed them for the "I Hiked the Hoodoos" Challenge

Views from the lookout at the end of the trail:

Such Different landscape than Zion - breathtaking!

It was SO windy!

On the way from the hike to our campground, we stopped to see this beautiful arch:

The "Natural Bridge"
How awesome is that??

We got settled at our campsite (a pull-through this time, so no backing in, yay!)   This was the first time we needed to use the water hose and it flew off the RV as soon as it had some water pressure applied so Philip had to buy a new one and also did some laundry.  We had dinner and then he built a fire and they made s'mores.

The most "camping-y" thing we had done yet!  Ha!

We were happy for a warm fire, since the temperature at Bryce was about 20 degrees cooler than what we'd experienced at Zion!

Then we were off to bed to be well rested for the adventure of our big hike the next day!

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Mom W. said...

Seeing you hiking with now rails etc. made my stomach lurch just looking at the pictures. I would have been so nervous about the kids... Glad everyone was fine!!

SO beautiful though!!!