Thursday, September 28, 2017

BFFRVV Day 14 - Treasure Falls, The Continental Divide and....Our 13th Anniversary!

Our 13th Anniversary!

We had planned to go back up to Mesa Verde for a third tour, but, considering the winding road (car sick inducing drive), the fact that we'd already seen a good portion of the cliff dwellings, and how busy it would make our day, we opted to skip it and gave ourselves some more breathing room.

Philip and I gave each other cards - his very sweet and mine very funny =)  I made him breakfast in bed.

My dish helpers

We did another load of laundry, returned the rental car and pulled out of Cortez around 11:30.

We had lunch on the way at a park in Durango and stopped and stopped for the Treasure Falls hike:

It was a short, but very steep hike

Quite the waterfall!

This lens allows us to get Everything in selfies! =)

The kids at the bottom of the falls

Moriah posing at the top

Four of us climbed out on a rock where we could feel the mist

A kind man offered to take a family shot
(silly Caleb!)

As we drove to the top of Wolf Creek Pass, we saw a bunch of places that had fresh SNOW from a couple days prior!  We Had to stop and get pictures:

Haha!   Look at Caleb!  His hands were soo cold!

Straddling the Great Continental Divide!!

We checked in at our campground (quickly before they closed) in South Fork.  We didn't settle though, since we needed to drive to dinner.  We parked at the restaurant and all changed into nicer clothes for dinner.  

This girl will pose anywhere! =)

South Fork is pretty small and didn't have a large selection of restaurants, but we chose this unique one:

The Old Firehouse

My pot roast melted in my mouth, Philip loved his BBQ bacon burger, Keenan and Moriah raved about their Meat Lover's pizza and Caleb loved his nuggets and fries =)

Our site at the campground was a beautiful one right on the river (South Fork of the Rio Grande)

It was Freezing cold, but they humored me with a family picture before changing
I love this man!

Poor Philip, he was so cold, it was hard to pretend he wasn't =)

Look at that view!

We all changed into warmer clothes, Philip made a fire, they made s'mores, I made some popcorn, and Philip pulled out two bottles of sparkling juice!

A fancy anniversary toast

I had been feeling congested and had a sore throat that day, and turned in early from the fire because I was so cold.   I. Could. Not. Get. Warm.   I went to bed first and the kids all piled around (and on) me to help me get warm since I couldn't stop shivering!

They were good little heaters

Thirteen years... This was our fourth anniversary trip, but the first with kids, which definitely makes it a very different experience. =)   Visiting all of these amazing places together that we had both wanted to see was such an amazing way to celebrate.  Thank you Lord, for giving me such a gifted husband who planned this EPIC trip for our family!


The Woodfords said...

I love seeing all these pics of your trip! Some of them are familiar, as we passed by some of those place recently, but many I've never even heard of! I missed your anniversary - so sorry! Happy belated, and I'm glad you had such a nice day. Hope you're feeling better now, though - it's no fun being sick!
Love to you all!

Mom W. said...

Sorry that you ended the day getting sick but glad that the day was good anyway. Hope you are fine now and glad to be home!! Great pictures and a great travelogue for us. Philip did an amazing job planning it all!!! No surprise there!!! =)