Thursday, September 28, 2017

BFFRVV Day 12 - Monument Valley, Mexican Hat and Four Corners

Waking up and seeing Monument Valley in the light was even better!

We had a short drive to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, but to our surprise (and disappointment) we found out that RV's can't drive on the roads that tour the monuments, and that if we wanted to go on that tour, we'd have to pay someone $285 to drive us around.  When the guy saw that we weren't biting, he came over and dropped his price to $160, but we still didn't go for it.  We opted to take our own photos from the visitor's center:

The buttes on the left and in the middle are called "East and West Mitten Buttes"
(can you see why?)

Philip wanted to rename this one "Michigan Butte" for obvious reasons

Next, we walked through the museum.   It was really interesting... they had Navajo art, a display about the Code Talkers, and some miniature Navajo dwellings, complete with families, crops and animals being hunted.  They also had a bunch of artifacts that had been discovered.

Some shots on the way out of the park...

We stopped here to get "the famous shot" back at Monument Valley (from several movies).   It was Ridiculous how many people were stopped and stood in the middle of the road to get pictures of themselves and their friends.   We saw a woman narrowly miss being hit by a car!

We stopped at "Mexican Hat" briefly:

We were all pretty excited about Four Corners National Monument...being able to stand in Four states at once?   Awesome!!

Four Corners is the junction of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.    This got us New Mexico (helping Philip out in his "state race" with Jessica)  =)

There were two lines of people waiting, and you're technically only allowed three pictures each, so we had to make it quicker than we would have liked:

I'm posting both of these since Philip and Caleb took turns not looking ;)

Moriah takes on all four states =)

After this we drove to the visitor's center in Cortez, CO and Philip got us tickets for several tours of the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde the next day (the last day of the season that Cliff Palace was open!)

While Philip and Keenan were inside, Caleb and Moriah played on this playground.   I wanted them to hang on the monkey bars for a picture... but as they were getting ready to pose - Caleb just went all the way across.  For the first. time. ever!   It was pretty exciting. =)

We did video and he excitedly practiced several times so he could surprise Philip when he came out.

My pink monkey

Philip and Keenan were both excited with Caleb's new skill when they came out, and then we all walked down the street to Subway for lunch.

When we got back, they all wanted a picture with this bison at the shop across the street

We drove to the tiny Cortez airport and picked up our rental car (a Nissan Rogue) and then drove to the RV park and got settled.  (It was my first time driving in twelve days and was kind of fun!)  We needed the rental car because our size RV wouldn't navigate Mesa Verde very well.   Philip caught the end of the Michigan football game, we did laundry (they had Amazing facilities a very short distance from our site) and Moriah and I went and picked up a few things from Walmart, as well as a Redbox movie.  It was really nice to have "wheels" that didn't require such an ordeal to drive and park in a town.  During dinner, we watched "A Dog's Purpose" (the kids and I had seen it at the theater with my mom, but Philip had never seen it and we didn't mind re-watching it - we love it!)

After the movie, I packed lunches and we headed to bed for our busy day the next day.

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Mom W. said...

I love the one of you and Philip, did Keenan take it? Too bad you couldn't do the tour, oh well, everything happens for a reason. Yay Caleb for his great accomplishment!!