Saturday, September 2, 2017

Baby Shower

Last year I hosted a baby shower on the same day as my tri, and that almost happened again this year! =) This one happened the day after.

How fun are these balloons!?
This was a yogurt bar with yummy toppings

The shower was for our friend, Charis.  It was a small, laid back brunch/shower with some of the women from our house church and a couple of Chari's work friends.
A few friends pitched in and we had a delicious brunch spread!

I did some very simple decorations on the mantel, and Moriah (all on her own!) made the fun "baby" banner!

Time for gifts!

Group picture of everyone there

Philip and the boys hung out in the basement during the shower, building with Legos =)

...since the shower, I have amused myself with making new words out of the balloons every day. ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the shower and especially the banner that Moriah made.

"A HOBBY" made me laugh out loud though!

Love you,
Rebekah :)

Mom W. said...

How fun, and what a good job on the banner Moriah, I am so impressed!!