Saturday, August 12, 2017

Papa's Visit - July/August 2017

As always, we had a Wonderful time with Papa!

We picked him up at the airport on Saturday evening (fairly late), so we didn't do much besides go to bed when we got home.

Sunday morning, Keenan and Moriah did a practice triathlon to Papa could see.

Game faces on


First up, six lengths of the pool

Their recent round of swim lessons really honed their freestyle!

The spectators =)

Swim, done!

First transition

Keenan's off on his bike!

Go, Riah!

For the practice, they did 3 miles

Keenan finishing up the bike portion

On his first lap of the run

Keenan halfway through his second lap, and Moriah on her first

It's hard to watch and photograph two kids at different stages of the race, so I don't have as many of Keenan :P

Riah pumping it at the end!

Coming in to the finish!!

Moments later with a proud Papa and little bro!

The distances were: 100 meter swim, 3 mile bike, 1 mile run.
Here are their times:


Swim: 1:43
1st Transition: 2:49
Bike: 16:56
2nd Transition: 0:36
Run: 8:12

Total: 30:07


Swim: 2:12
1st Transition: 2:30
Bike: 20:70
2nd Transition: 0:36
Run: 10:38

Total: 35:10

A super cool block tower Moriah made

Caleb's bridge

The rest of Sunday was fun and relaxed.   Dad played games with the kids and we went to house church.

Monday - Dad took us out to dinner at Red Rock Canyon (we had never been before and it was delicious!)  After dinner, we took him to see the lighting of the Keeper of the Plains (since we discovered that somehow we had never taken him!)

See the kayakers is in this shot?  =)

Philip met us from work (that's why he was dressed up)

When we went back to the van at 9:30 pm, we realized that we had locked ourselves out!   Philip called USAA, they said they'd be an hour, so I called Devin and he came and picked up Moriah, Caleb and I and Keenan and Dad waited with Philip.

Before Devin came, the kids were running around in the dark and Caleb tripped and his face bit the sidewalk =0/

Tuesday - Dad watched the kids while I took one of our refugee kids to the dentist in the morning and ran a couple errands.    He took the kids to "Dog-N-Shake" for lunch.  It's a hotdog and milkshake place they'd never been and wanted to try.   While they were gone, our friends, the Anderson's showed up for a brief 24 hour stay while they were in town for some meetings.

That night, we sat up and chatted with Ben and Kayla (they know some of the same people Dad knows!) and just before heading to bed, I got a text from Wendi in Tennessee that (long story short) means we'll have some new exciting guests staying in our basement soon!  (More on that later).

One of the MANY (31 in total!) game of Yahtzee these two played!

Wednesday - In the morning, I picked up 70 lbs of grass fed beef.   We split a cow with several of our friends.   We're so excited about it!  (So far we've had ground beef and brisket which were both Excellent!)

Before Kayla and the kids headed out that morning, our kids, her kids and a ton of neighborhood kids played outside...

So many kids!!

Around 9:30, Dad left with the kids for a fun outing, and didn't return until 2:30!   He took them to Exploration Place and then out to lunch at Braum's.  

 Caleb and Moriah built some pretty cool stuff at Exploration Place!

Caleb is a super hero!

I was happy to have the house to myself so I could clean it up for the First Wednesday gathering that night.    Philip cleverly arranged to have his Dad be the speaker!   It was well attended and everyone really enjoyed hearing Dan talk about the work(s) he's involved with in Kenya.  I don't think I'd ever heard him "speak" before and loved it!  I think it was cool for the residents to hear their boss's Dad speak, and they even tried to get him to tell some stories about Philip. ;)

The only picture I took that night, just SOME of the many pairs of shoes on a First Wednesday! =)

 Crazy Caleb trying to ride Two scooters at once! =)

Thursday - we went to Freddy's for lunch...and got to meet THE Freddy!!!   He walked in while we were eating, sat at a table right next to us and then gave us some autographed coupons!   We just Had to have our picture taken with him!

See?  Even his shirt says who he is!! =)

With Freddy at Freddy's!

The coupons he gave us (a dollar off per person) that we used to get ice cream for dessert later!)

After lunch, we went to the theater to see Cars 3.

We all loved it!!!  (I may have even had a tear at one point)

Next up, we went to Wendy's pool for a bit:

The kids were Delighted to get the inflatable kayak out!

Happy kids with Papa

That night we had a delicious dinner at Two Brother's BBQ

That evening, there was some intense, three generational basketball going on in the driveway... =)

Love these

Friday - we had a chill morning, played some games with Dad, I ran some errands.   We did this fun skittles experiment (really more like artwork) that we'd been meaning to try for a long time.

You just make a circle of skittles on a plate and then pour warm water in the middle and wait!

They immediately start to bleed towards the center...

...and end up making this beautiful pattern - how cool!?

Philip was doing his last bit of paperwork on base and met us for lunch at Village Inn.   On the way home, we checked out a neighborhood garage sale where we got a couple things and Dad bought some Lego to take back to Kenya.   Then it was time to get Dad's stuff in the van and take him to the airport.   We are always sad to see him leave, but so happy to have had such an Amazing week with him.   We love you, Papa Ganoush!


Anonymous said...

I love the triathlon pictures! Wow! They look so professional, and AWESOME times!

You called Devin... I LOVE having friends to count on. Especially important when we (and more so YOU) live so far from family. I'm glad you have such a good support system there!

I love how you use your home for others! Definitely an open door policy! So cool that you use what God has blessed you with to be a blessing to others.

Love the skittle art.

Looks like an awesome time with Dan! SO special for you all!

Wow, I use too many exclamation marks!!!

Love you all,
Rebekah :)

Mom W. said...

Wow, the skittle thing is really cool, so pretty, who would have thought...?

Looks like a great time with Dan, so cool that he spoke at First Wednesday, I would love to have been there too!!!

Looking forward to hearing how it goes with the next house guests!!!

Love you, Mom