Friday, August 18, 2017

Keenan and Moriah do the Salty Pup Triathlon!

Keenan and Moriah have been training for months, and finally, last Saturday, the day was here! We got up and left the house before 5 am! The race was an hour away, in Hutchinson, and they had to pick up their packets, put their stuff in transition, get body marked and get their timing chips before transition closed at 6:45!

They are set!!
(Don't they look legit??)

Just before I dropped them off in the line before the swim started

Since it was a pool swim, they were lined up by age, and they started the kids 10 or 
20 seconds apart.
Keenan is in!

There he goes!
(At this point, Philip and Caleb ran over to transition to meet Keenan when he got there)

...and out!

A high five from Moriah

Moriah's turn!

I think the longer pool (two lengths instead of four) stressed her out a little and she ended up doing most of it on her back

Keenan in his first transition
(Shortly after Moriah started swimming, I had to head to transition to be there for her when she got there.  I saw Keenan go by on the bike on my way)

Caleb made this special sign to cheer them on =)

Moriah racing out of the pool area to transition

Drying off

Helmet buckled...

Off she goes!

Keenan going by after finishing his first two mile loop

Moriah going by after her first loop

Keenan coming in to the finish
(Philip was there to see him off on the run)

I didn't mention that there was a Salty Dogs adult triathlon going on at the same time, so that made things a little crazier, too!    The adults all finished in the pool before the kids started, but then a lot of them were still cycling and running at the same time as the kids).

Moriah's done on the bike!
(then I raced to the finish line to wait for Keenan!)

Philip snapped this of her shortly after she started on the run

Keenan coming in to the finish, )determined that the girl behind him was Not going to beat him!!) =)

Way to go, Keenan!

Moriah had some competition at the finish as well!
(I Love the expression on this girl's face as Moriah put the gas on right at the end!)

No matter how tired or sore Moriah is, she Always has an Insane burst of energy (so fast I can't keep up) at the end of a run!

Yay, Moriah!!

So proud of these two!

What a great team!

Results: (for 100 meter swim, 4.2 mile bike and 1 mile run)

Keenan placed 34th overall out of 78 and was 7th in his age group, with a time of 36:33.  His swim was 2:25, first transition was 3:16, bike was 21:04, second transition was 0:46, and the run was 9:03.  

Moriah placed 52nd overall and was 6th in her age group, with a time of 39:59.  Her swim was 3:19, first transition was 3:13, bike was 23:04, second transition was 0:44 and run was 9:44.   

We were All exhausted on the way home, and it didn't take long before all three kids were zonked out!

What a morning!

Unfortunately there were no finisher's medals for this race, so that was a bummer.   We may look for a  different kid's tri next time around.   All in all, it was a great experience for them and helped them see what they need to work on for next time.   Congratulations, Keenan and Moriah!!


The Woodfords said...

Great job, Keenan and Moriah!!! Loved seeing all the pics of your race! I'm so proud of you both!

Lots of love,
Auntie Steph

Wendi Kitsteiner said...


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Dud they train a lot for this?

Anonymous said...

So proud of you guys! You are amazing!

Love, Auntie Bekah ��

Mom W. said...

Wow, good job Keenan and Moriah and Caleb for your support and the great sign!!! Proud grandma here!!! You guys are the best, great effort!!!!! Love you. G'ma