Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Happenings

Here are just a few things that have happened that I'll squish together into a random post:

On Saturday, August 5th, we hosted a dessert and drinks night for our neighbors.   The kids and I had taken invitations around to 20 houses to weeks previous.  We'd been thinking of doing a neighborhood get together for a while because there are a lot of our neighbors that we don't know, and who also don't know each other.   We were hopeful about this gathering, but when the evening came to have it... it was raining!    We decided to do it anyway, and moved stuff into the garage.

10 people ended up coming.   9 of them were kids.   1 was my friend, Sara, from two doors over (but it was great to get to chat and spend some time together because we don't know each other Super well).   It was also good to get to know our kid's friends a little better and they seemed to have fun (and enjoy the desserts!!)   Interestingly, each of the next two evenings, one of the dads of kids who came, stopped by (I was gone both times) and chatted with Philip and said their kids had a great time.  So, all in all, I think it was still a profitable venture.  =)  We'll probably do it again sometime.

The kids waiting for people to come =)

August 6th - we discovered that Keenan had Strep Throat, for the THIRD time in two months!   Poor guy, it's such a miserable thing to have!

Philip took Caleb and Moriah to a Family Day on base - they had a great time!

Moriah coming out of a big inflatable slide

Ready to shoot some paintballs!

I think they look so intense in these shots!

Fun stuff!

Caleb asked this guy to shut him in to this compartment on the ambulance! =)

We bought Moriah a new bike and Philip fixed this one up for Caleb that I had bought used

On the 7th, I helped my Ugandan friend, Jane, get her three oldest enrolled in school for this year.   Having never had to do this with any of my kids, I had no idea how involved it can be!   I figured we'd drive up, go in, sign some papers and be out ten minutes later... but no... there were NINE stations to check through and we were there for two and a half Hours!!  Whew!

Keenan and Caleb played a game at piano lessons and their cute cat jumped into the middle of it and started batting things around =)

 Our friends, Drew and Lindsay, dropped off Gatorade for the kids for their tri! So thoughtful!

The kids have been baking up a storm!    Keenan made brownies all by himself, Caleb did most of the work for chocolate chip cookies...

...and Moriah and I made soft pretzels together

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Mom W. said...

Okay, somehow my comment didn't happen, I did make one.

Going to school sounds complicated!!!! The bikes are great, I can imagine the excitement over those!!!

Love you all!!