Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wrapping up July

Well, now that July is almost over, I guess I should do my third blog post of the month ;)

Keenan, Moriah and I have been busy training for our triathlons next month, so lots of swimming, biking and running going on here! =)

As a result of reading a book by Michael Pollan called, "Cooked", about how cooking in general, but especially as a family is a dying art - I have been getting the kids into the kitchen a lot more (even made it a part of their school requirements!)  =)

Chocolate chip cookies  - 100% kid made!

Moriah made these "pop up pancakes" for Philip and the kids for breakfast one morning - so easy and fun!

I have also done a ton of experimentation in the kitchen.  Along with baking bread and making yogurt, I've made shrimp and sausage jambalaya, cottage cheese, ricotta, pickled eggs, tried my hand at fermenting (beets), made lime curd (SO yum!), soaked and cooked black beans, and have been finding lots of uses for all the whey I have accumulated.

On July 11, I dropped the kids at VBS, came back out to the van 10 minutes later and found that my window had been smashed and my purse was stolen!   I almost Never have cash, but this time I had $200 for something the next day =0/

I was super grateful that 1) They didn't take my phone (that was sitting right there in the cup holder), 2) They didn't take the garage door opener (which would have been super creepy), 3) The pastor of the church came out, and let me use his phone (my died as soon as I called Philip) to call the police and helped us clean up the mess 4) Philip took care of calling all the card companies 5) We were able to get my new license taken care of the next morning at the DMV in SIX MINUTES! 6) God really worked in my heart and helped me to forgive the thief and to not speak bitterly about it after. 7) While cleaning it up, I realized how pretty the broken glass was as it sparkled in the sun, so I scooped some into a bag and saved it.   

It sits on the counter and makes me so happy when I look at it!

Caleb made this at VBS and I can't even stand how cute it is =)

On July 12, we hosted First Wednesday here and had great speakers (former grads of Via Christi) from North Africa share about their ministry.

Caleb learning how to play Battleships!

July 15 - Caleb and I had a delightful breakfast date at IHOP.   As we were leaving, he said, "I had a fun time, thanks for bringing me here!"  =)   That evening, Keenan and I had a date and spent an hour and a half at a waterpark together.   It was So much fun just being able to hang out with him.  We went on the lazy river, rode water slides, sat under the Monstrous dumping water bucket (over and over!) played tag and water basketball.

July 16, Moriah, Caleb and I got up early to watch our friends compete in a triathlon here in town and then Philip and Moriah went out for a breakfast date.

They rode bikes to Quick Trip, picked up breakfast sandwiches, donuts and drinks and then went to a park to eat before finishing up another few miles on their bikes =)

For lunch that day we headed out to Stearman's Field.  Philip and I have been there twice for Christmas parties, and have heard how awesome it is in the summer, but kept forgetting to take the kids out there!   We Finally did and loved it!   The restaurant is located at a small airport, Right beside the runway, so you can see small planes coming and going the whole time!

While we waited to be seated, we watched a plane get towed out onto the airstrip

The restaurant has huge doors that open up so you still have a great view of the planes while you eat!

A plane taking off

My faves

July 17-21, the kids did another week of day camp at the Art Park, this time with an Ancient Egyptian theme.

July 20 - Picked up Panera and had lunch with Philip at his office.   I enjoyed a personalized beverage with my lunch!

These are delicious if you ever have the chance to try one!

July 22 - I helped with the annual Planeview trash cleanup and got to ride on the back of a trash truck for four hours!

Now I can check this off my bucket list!   (Haha!  I didn't know it was on my bucket list until Devin mentioned it!)  =)

 We picked up a Ton of brush, LOTS of couches, mattresses, chairs...and all manner of other gross, nasty things.   It's pretty awesome watching a trash truck "eat" an entire couch (with pullout bed in it!) in just a few chomps.
We saw spiders, cockroaches, and mice!  It was hot, hard, dirty, sweaty...and Awesome!

My friend, Sarah, gave the kids a fun chalk paint kit, so they decorated the sidewalk and driveway

July 29 - Dad Dooley got into town!   Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Short thoughts from my phone:

Looking forward to hearing how the triathlons go ��

I love the idea of working cooking in with schooling- and everyone working on the kitchen ��

Love all the dates you've been having! I remember feeling so special and loving the one on one time with my parents❤️ I know your kids will remember those times forever.

Thankful for all the blessings in the middle of a crummy situation with your window!

Enjoy your time with Dad Dooley.

Love you all,

Mom W. said...

So fun seeing all the pictures. Good job having the kids learn more cooking!!!

Hi to Dan, sure you are all enjoying this time together, minus the skis this time!!

Talk to ya whenever!! Love you!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

car window! UGH!!!!