Tuesday, July 4, 2017

John and Heather's Wedding

Last Sunday we attended the last of four weddings in the last five months! Recently graduated resident, Heather and new third year resident, John got married at the beautiful Barns at Timber Creek where our friends Dan and Mindy got married a couple years ago!

A couple pics before the ceremony since no one knew if the weather was going to hold!

Devin and Melissa


...and a bee on a flower =)

Time for the weddin'!

Heather and her dad

John, Heather and Sam

Just as they were wrapping up, the ominous grey clouds let loose and the umbrellas were a poppin'!

Their joy can't be dampened by rain!

Umbrellas selfie!

Haha!   Our friends Sean and Todd sharing an umbrella

For their guestbook, they had someone take polaroids of each of the guests and then we put them in a book and wrote a note underneath - so cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Grisham!

Philip and I lucked out and ended up at a table with three Amazing, godly couples - Sam and Amy McVay, Todd and Dawnita Stephens and Jeff and Jenny Doolittle!

Everything was beautiful, the food was delicious, the speeches were awesome and the fellowship was sweet.   Congratulations, John and Heather!

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Mom W. said...

Interesting that their names are John and Heather...

Very nice, good the rain stayed away!!