Friday, July 14, 2017

Fourth of July, 2017

Our Fourth this year was wonderful.   No hoopla, nowhere to be, no food to prepare, no parking and walking to fireworks...just the five of us and God's beautiful creation.

We started out at Fall River State Park.   It was still raining when we arrived, so we waited it out a bit and then started when it was just sprinkling.  Everything was very wet and muddy on the first trail.  It wasn't the type of trail we are typically used to and was very grassy, some quite high.

See how overgrown the trail is?

I made sure Philip went first and carried a stick to swipe all the cobwebs, since no one had used the trail before us that day =)

The kids and I with the pretty Fall River Lake in the background

All five of us

I love how their bright colors stood out against all the green =)

A few fun plant shots:

On a bridge... where we mistakenly added some extra mileage to our hike...
By this time we all had squishy, wet feet and were getting very hungry!

With my love.
Look how grassy the trail is here!

I love this shot!

We were VERY ready for lunch at the finish of this hike and were happy that Philip had suggested we all bring an extra pair of dry socks!

It was actually quite cool at lunch and these two snuggled in a blanket while they ate

We had some delicious "All Dressed" chips with our lunch - Yay, Canada!

Next, we headed to Cross Timbers State Park, at Toronto Lake, near Toronto KS (named after Toronto, Ontario!)

Now This is hiking!   Go Kansas!!

So fun to have some elevation change

Thanks, Grandma Eberts for our 4th of July clothes! =)

Couple family shots by Toronto Lake

Our little billy goat ready for the last hike

American Cutie

This trail had a super cool "fort" that people have made over time!

That evening we sat in our driveway and enjoyed the neighborhood fireworks.   The kids did some sparklers:

In other news, Philip and I watched these two great movies (both based on true stories) over the weekend and highly recommend both, ESPECIALLY Lion!

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Mom W. said...

The movies look good, is the second one a war movie?

Great hiking pics!!!