Saturday, June 24, 2017

Storey's Visit - June 2017

This time hailing from North Dakota, we had another super fun visit with our friends, the Storeys!

They arrived in the afternoon on Thursday, June 15th (which was also Josh's birthday!)

The guinea pigs were a huge hit with all the kids =)

Devin and Melissa and their crew joined us for dinner and birthday celebrations.

Josh and Rebekah got to meet the twins for the first time!

So fun to be with both of these girls at the same time!!

So. Many. Kids.

The adults (and Josh)

Happy Birthday, Josh!

This is out of focus - but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream cake

Rebekah made sure to get lots of baby snuggles in =)

After dinner, Josh, Rebekah, Devin and Melissa were all HAPPY to oblige me and play some Speak Out!   It. Was. Hilarious!!

Such fun (and attractive!) friends we have =)

When we got tired of using the cards, we entertained ourselves by having Josh and Rebekah read menus from restaurants we were considering for the following night... too funny!

Eden and Moriah joined in

Even Justice tried to give it a go!

The three musketeers and lego

Some of the older crowd playing UNO

On Friday morning, Rebekah and I dropped six of our kids off at VBS (Luke stayed home with Josh) and headed out for a girl's morning!

First up, pedicures!

Between dropping the kids off at 9 and picking them up at 12, we got pedicures, went to the Spice Merchant and FOUR thrift stores!   Boom!

Then we took all the kids (plus our three neighbor kids) to a free lunch program at a school in Derby.

In the afternoon, we went to Wendy's to use her pool and she did my hair for graduation that night!  (What skilled friends I have!)

Josh and Rebekah babysat for us that night and Philip and I went to graduation.   It was at the botanical gardens this year and was really fun!
My man and I

<3 p="">

My friend, Sarah

Us and some of our favorite people

Just us girls

Love this couple!

Devin took this one of us at dinner

On Saturday morning, Philip and Josh picked up a rental canoe and kayak on base and we all headed to Santa Fe Lake (our new favorite spot!)

I love this shot of them carrying the canoe

The kids had a BLAST in the canoe and kayak!!

Josh, Bek and Luke (and the teeny bopper love birds in the background that wouldn't go away)

Devin even braved a trip to the beach with all five kids with no Melissa! (she had a volunteer commitment and couldn't come)

Philip and Justice

Group pic!

Devin took one with me

Feeding the babies =)

How adorable are they??
While we were at the beach, this weird rash popped up all over my arms!   The only thing I could figure it was from was some lotion that I had been given at the salon the day before.  It took a few days to go away

That night, we hired two sitters to watch all TWELVE kids so the three couples could go out to dinner!

As soon as the Pennys arrived, we corralled all the kids on the front steps for a photo... 

I'm SO happy with how it turned out!!

(It was in a frame the next day) ;)

...and we had to get an updated Big group photo!

...and of course a silly one =)

I love this "velfie" van selfie of all of us! =)

Us girls at the restaurant

Bricktown Brewery

We had a wonderful time and the food was Fantastic!

Group selfie on Devin's phone

When we got back to the house, we dismissed the sitters, put most of the kids to bed and played Ticket to Ride.

On Father's Day, Rebekah and I (and Josh) made a yummy breakfast and then some of the boys (some disappeared before this picture) played Ticket to Ride.

Haha, Josh!

Rebekah and I had some delicious loose leaf tea and looked at photos of their trip thus far... super fun, laid back day.

She went through a bunch of clothes that I had left over from all the stuff I had bought the week before.  I was delighted that she decided to keep the footy pajamas (there were two pairs, and I chose the crazy Christmas cat ones).   Pictures were obviously in order:

Josh decided we should pose with mugs by the "fire" (it was so hot!!)

Haha, so fun!

Philip grilled burgers and dogs for lunch... yum!

The little boys driving cars on Philip's "road map" Father's day shirt from a couple years ago

Philip, Josh and the older kids went and played ultimate frisbee with some residents in the afternoon.

That evening at house church, we had a "sending out" for our friends, the Kims, who are headed out on the mission field.

I took this random shot because I loved the silhouette of Philip and Caleb at house church

The Kims
(Sun Min, Angela, Elias and Lenora)

On Monday morning we said goodbye.... but not for long - the Storeys are moving soon to Omaha, Nebraska, which is only five hours away!!! Woohoo!

We love you guys!

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