Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Crazy Days

Happenings of the past week:

We have also been babysitting our friend's guinea pigs while they are out of town!

Harry and Firebolt

One of our neighborhood bunnies in the flower bed the other morning

Moriah in one of her new, rather grown-up outfits

Philip and Keenan putting new wheels on his roller blades

On Saturday Philip and I watched the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One (well, I watched two thirds and fell asleep, not because it was boring, I was just SO tired from not sleeping well the night before).

On Sunday we went to Santa Fe Lake (so the rest of the family could see how awesome it was and why I loved it so much I bought us a year long pass!)

 Back at the waterfall (flowing a little less now)

 Climbing up some rocks

The swimming area isn't very big, but the kids loved it!

 This stump in the shallow part makes a good seat =)

 Caleb and Moriah (and I) thought it was hilarious that he could "carry" her in the water!


 Building in the sand (What is with Caleb's face?)

The first sandcastle they've ever built in Kansas!

This week the kids are in VBS all morning.

On Tuesday, we dropped our van at the shop and took Philip to work so we could use his car while our A/C was being fixed.   During VBS, I had a wonderful coffee date/chat/prayer time with my friend Dawnita.   The kids and I had a picnic at a park for lunch then did piano lessons, picked up the van and headed to a photo shoot of all the kids in our house church.   Thankfully I was not in charge of this shoot, as there were TWENTY THREE kids in it, at least 10 of which were babies!!

It was nothing short of hilarious!   It was windy, HOT, and just a mess of babies crying, little kids running out of the picture, older kids asking if we were done yet.  I had to snap a few shots on my phone:

Most of the moms trying to get everyone settled

The best we got for that pose!  =)

We moved to a different spot for a second try, and while the photographers were getting everyone situated, I took some pics on my phone of ours and the Pennys older kids:

Eden and Moriah

With Keenan and Jade

This one worked much better, but still a little crazy!

At Moriah's session the other day, her tutor drew a squiggle for her, just the "loop" that goes from the left to the right, and Moriah turned it into this cute girl!

My first swim of the season!

On Friday, while the kids were at VBS, I went to a friend's garage sale... and ended up getting this gem for Keenan.  He has so many books and has quickly run out of shelves! Funny story:  He has lost several teeth lately, and the tooth fairy has "been out of cash".  When I picked him up from VBS, I told him that the tooth fairy had gotten him a present and hoped that he would be okay with it not being cash.  He was THRILLED when he came home to this!

Philip surprised us by coming home in the afternoon, and he and Caleb quickly got to the business of bike riding!   Caleb took to it SO fast!!


That's one happy, proud boy =)

Gotta go... the Storeys are here!

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Mom W. said...

Still catching up, the artwork from the "squibble" is really good, yay Ria. The pictures of the kids are fun! Who's idea was that?

Great book shelf for Keenan!!

Can't remember what else... =)

Love you, Mom