Sunday, June 25, 2017

18 Hour Getaway

Shortly after the Storeys left on Monday, we found out that friends of ours had rented a cabin at El Dorado Lake for two nights and were only able to use one. They asked if anyone would be interested in using the cabin that night and the kids and I jumped at the chance!  Philip had an early morning meeting the next day so he couldn't come.  =0/

We threw bathing suits, bedding and food in the van and headed to El Dorado Lake!

This was our tiny cabin

The whole time we were there, we literally saw TWO people, briefly!   It was sublime being in such a beautiful, calm, quiet place, just the four of us =)

I really don't have any fire making skills (without a starter log or a ton of paper), but still attempted it with no luck.   With no fire, instead of roasting hot dogs, the kids just had sandwiches, and were very gracious.  =)

You could see the lake from our cabin

After dinner, we headed over to swim...

So pretty

The older I get, the less likely I am to swim in cold lake water, but I did and it was so refreshing! =)

Once the kids discovered the soft sand, they barely touched the water!

You can tell I was feeling relaxed and laid back, since I let them even do this... ;)

Super sandy, happy kids!

They even made sand beards!


Love these jump shots!

These ones of them running into the water are some of my favorites:

The lighting was perfect to catch the water droplets in the sun

These were fun too...

...and of course, it wouldn't be a day at the beach if somebody (or all of them) didn't get buried!

Climbing out

This was After he rinsed off!!!

After changing into pajamas, we raced back to catch the last bit of sunset over the water

The cabin was tiny, with just a small set of bunk beds, a full bed and a tiny table, but it had A/C (which worked beautifully!) an overhead fan, lights, and power outlets, so we were happy campers!   The bathrooms were pretty iffy, but had flush toilets and running water, so no complaints.

Snuggled in bed for some story time!
(This bunk bed was just their size!)

Caleb and I shared the full bed

On Tuesday morning, I was up before everyone else and had some quiet time/devotions on the little porch swing, while several deer watched me from the woods =)

Sleepy kids at breakfast

After breakfast, we packed up our stuff, swept out the cabin so it would be clean for our friends and headed out...

A picture of all of us before leaving

We stopped at the playground by the beach first

I love when they do this =)

Group shot by the lake

Caleb really wanted to bring all of these home, but settled for a picture with them instead ;)

On the way out of the park, we stopped at the tiny general store so they could get some treats

We only needed to be back in Wichita by 12:30, so we stopped at a couple parks in El Dorado on the way home.    At the first one, I suggested that the kids do a "Ninja Warrior" challenge on the playground and I would time them:

Obstacle #1: climb through these support bars without touching the ground

Obstacle #2, rock wall

Obstacle #3, use these as descending monkey bars (no feet touching the ground)

Obstacle #4, run up the slide

Obstacle #5 (this was my favorite!) Take your whole body through each level of these "hoops" (this was especially funny when Keenan did it)

Obstacle #6, Monkey bars and down the ladder

Moriah's turn!

Oops!  Obstacle #1 was actually climbing UP the fireman pole (I missed this shot with Keenan)

(Because she's smaller, she was able to do this part faster and her time was actually shorter than Keenan's)   Of course, he immediately wanted to do it again and was motivated to do it much faster his second time ;)

Then we went to a splash park for half an hour...

Once everyone was cooled off and dry, we picked up lunch at Subway and headed home!   What a delightful little getaway!   Thank you, Olsons!

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Mom W. said...

How fun, that is definitely my kind of thing. Too bad about the fire though, next time take a fire log or some brickets!!! Haha!!