Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beautiful wedding!

On Saturday we attended the beautiful wedding of the daughter of one of Philip's closest colleagues.

The ceremony was in a church and was beautiful.    I especially loved the part where they had their two sets of parents come up and pray over them.

The reception was at the family farm, way out in the country and it was at Least a quarter of a mile walk from the parking area!   It was worth the walk...

The groom and his brothers had sunk six telephone poles in the ground in a rectangular shape, with lights strung up like a tent between them.   Underneath was the prettiest reception space ever...
The entrance area, with dance floor and head table 

The groom, the bride's father and others made FIFTY of these tables out of pallets!

Aren't they gorgeous!?

The main cake...

...and it's seven friends (all different flavors!)
The head table and backdrop (all also made out of pallets)

I'm not even sure who took this picture, but it shows that they also had fun yard games set up for guests to play

The food was amazing.  They had FOUR different food stations set up.   They had Mexican, Breakfast-for-Dinner, BBQ and Salad Bar!!

Chocolate covered strawberries!


Love this pic of us girls

All of us

Just the two of us

Loved this shot of Moriah helping a little boy with his suspenders (look at his brother lying on the dance floor!) =)
This girl loves to dance!

The bride and groom arrived in a golf cart =)

Scott and Carrie, parents of the bride

The gorgeous bride and groom, Annie and Walter

My handsome boys and I

Daddy and his girl

Sweet kisses

This pretty path lead back to the parking

Dawnita took these for us

What a beautiful evening, beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!   We were so blessed to have been invited!!

Next up - Tim and Steph's visit!!!


Mom W. said...

Wow, and wow again, very cool... and 8 cakes, oh my!!!

You guys look gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lot of work and labour of love!

I LOVE all of the special decorations! What a gorgeous wedding! I do wonder where they got all of those pallets! There must have been so many!

Anyway, you guys all looked great and I loved all the family pictures!

Rebekah :)