Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April Ends and May Begins...

Here's some random happenings from the end of April and the beginning of May...needed to get them out of the way before I need to blog about Mom's visit! =)

We ended April with a few sweet, lazy family days at home (one day I never got out of my pj's!)  We took walks, read aloud, colored, played with lego, made dinner together, and Philip and I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2"  =)

The kids have had great fun lately "playing with their food" and making cool things out of grapes and toothpicks:

What a great way to make snack time into creative time! =)

Caleb using some beans during letter practice one school morning =)

Fun foil pack dinner!

A few days ago, the kids discovered that a baby possum had tumbled into one of our window wells (the same one where we found the kittens last year!)

I'm not a fan of possums any more than anyone, but...

...look at that sweet face!!

Keenan climbed down with a pail to catch the little guy

So cute!

I thought that as soon as Keenan set him down, he would run off, but he didn't!

We gave him some apple pieces (which he ate) and offered him some water...and after a while he wandered off.

Our CC community took part in a map challenge with the Wichita group, to see who could trace the most maps over the course of these last two semesters!    We trounced them (we did 1,550 and they did 600 or something.   Last Saturday, we met up and had a "snowball fight" made out of all the crumpled maps!    So fun (and messy!)

Showing off some of the maps before balling them up

It's go time!

They had the bigger kids against each other on one side of the gym and the younger kids on the other

Caleb looks pretty intense here

Making a snow angel ;)

Before bagging it all up, we had all the kids get an armful and throw them up in the air =)

More grape fun...

On May 7th, it was Caleb's half birthday!    He has been looking forward to this day for so long!  =)

Special birthday pancakes
(Other highlights of the day - a picnic, ice cream bars, and a bath in the jet tub)

Sunday night was the awards ceremony for the end of the AWANA year
The kids all did really well.  Caleb got a special merit award for being helpful and a good sport during sports time, and Moriah got an award for being kind and servant-hearted

After discussing them with my family while I was home, I was reminded how much my brothers and I enjoyed listening to my dad read Thornton Burgess's books to us when we were kids!    I was determined to find them for my own kids!    Neither of our libraries carry them though, except for this one book that had a collection of stories about several of the characters.

The kids have Loved listening to me read it!

I bought these on

...and just today ordered Twenty One more!!    We are hooked and so excited to read them and share them with friends!


Anonymous said...

Did you like My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Amy and I watched it together and didn't think it was all that great but killed ourselves laughing about all the ladies pulling each other's necks in pictures. Haha!

Love the snowball fight :) I've done that a few times, but definitely wouldn't try it this year :) Haha.

Glad you were able to find the Thornton Burgess books. One of my favourite memories is having my parents read to us...

Anyway, have fun with Mom! So cool that you could have her with you for Mother's Day <3


Kathleen said...

I absolutely loved that one day you didn't even get out of your PJs! And have always enjoyed and appreciated your creativity and how you pass that along to your children even with toothpicks & grapes! The foil pack dinner looked yummy! The possum was cute but the kids cuter.

Congratulations on winning the maps contest! That was a huge accomplishment! And what a great idea to do a "snowball fight" afterwards with a "snow angel". Congratulations also to the kids on their Awana awards. I know how much they study for that.

I have never heard of Thornton Burgess before but I always read to my kids and so glad you are enjoying that special time with them.
Love and miss you! Mom E.