Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beautiful wedding!

On Saturday we attended the beautiful wedding of the daughter of one of Philip's closest colleagues.

The ceremony was in a church and was beautiful.    I especially loved the part where they had their two sets of parents come up and pray over them.

The reception was at the family farm, way out in the country and it was at Least a quarter of a mile walk from the parking area!   It was worth the walk...

The groom and his brothers had sunk six telephone poles in the ground in a rectangular shape, with lights strung up like a tent between them.   Underneath was the prettiest reception space ever...
The entrance area, with dance floor and head table 

The groom, the bride's father and others made FIFTY of these tables out of pallets!

Aren't they gorgeous!?

The main cake...

...and it's seven friends (all different flavors!)
The head table and backdrop (all also made out of pallets)

I'm not even sure who took this picture, but it shows that they also had fun yard games set up for guests to play

The food was amazing.  They had FOUR different food stations set up.   They had Mexican, Breakfast-for-Dinner, BBQ and Salad Bar!!

Chocolate covered strawberries!


Love this pic of us girls

All of us

Just the two of us

Loved this shot of Moriah helping a little boy with his suspenders (look at his brother lying on the dance floor!) =)
This girl loves to dance!

The bride and groom arrived in a golf cart =)

Scott and Carrie, parents of the bride

The gorgeous bride and groom, Annie and Walter

My handsome boys and I

Daddy and his girl

Sweet kisses

This pretty path lead back to the parking

Dawnita took these for us

What a beautiful evening, beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!   We were so blessed to have been invited!!

Next up - Tim and Steph's visit!!!

Summer time fun and my 36th Birthday!

The day that mom left, the kids had their first swim of the season!  My friend, Wendy, has extended us an open invitation to her beautiful pool and the kids have been Dyig for it to be ready!

Anxious to get in!

They all just jumped in, not toes in, no checking, no slowly adjusting...

Keenan dove in!

Go Caleb!

Haha, Riah!

Ooooh, cold!!

On the 19th, we got a basketball net and Philip set it up after a long day on inpatient and he and the kids played their first game in the dark in pajamas! =)

It has been soo much fun for us and our neighbors!

 On the 20th, I went out with some friends for the evening (my friend, Wendy did my hair) =)

The 23rd through the 25th was the annual CC Practicum.  This time it was at a church 1.5 miles from our house! =)  The kids were in Play Camp (Caleb), Geo Draw Camp (Moriah) and Logic Camp (Keenan).  Philip came for all three days this year!    I loved having him there and soo appreciated him taking the time to come and support me in our homeschooling venture.

On the 25th, after the last (8 hour day) of practicum and a busy evening out, the kids and I got home at 8 pm (Philip was on base) and I was soo tired I could cry.    I told the kids this and asked if they could please cooperate and get ready for bed and that I still needed to water the garden and flower beds.    Keenan offered to water for me (he Hates this job!) and Moriah and Caleb quietly took themselves to bed.    I went in and tucked them in and then (upon seeing the state of the house), decided I didn't want to wake up to that on my birthday morning, so I started to clean up, fold laundry and put things away.   Keenan came in from watering and asked if he could help with anything else.  (Who IS this kid??)  He offered to fold laundry (which he also hates!) and I ended up giving him a bunch of random jobs, which he did with the sweetest attitude and kept tasking what else he could do for at least an hour, until everything was done.   I was SO blessed and thankful and proud!   That was the Best birthday present he could have given me! <3 p="">

(Ubeknownst to me), he woke up around 11 pm and started decorating the dining room!   Philip got home part way through and helped him finish.

I got up to this the next morning =)

The kids love when I do streamers over their doors, so Keenan did it for me too! =)

That morning, Philip and the kids gave me sweet cards and gifts, and then the kids and I went to my friend, Dawnita's, for the women's prayer meeting... and my friends had put together a little surprise party in her yard!    There was delicious fruit salad and healthy fruit and nut muffins, I got three yummy loose leaf teas, and some awesome bath and body stuff.   One of them had also dropped off a beautiful hanging plant on my porch a couple days earlier.

Michaela, Melissa, Dawnita and Lindsay

For lunch, the kids and I went to Chick Fil A (with Wendy, who had Never been before!).   After that we went to Wendy's and the kid's swam for a while.

That evening, our friends hosted a BBQ and we went and hung out with lots of people we love and then came home and Philip and I watched La La Land (modern day musical) which I loved and highly recommend!

What a WONDERFUL birthday!

On Saturday, Keenan and I went to the WSU stadium to see Gabriel run in the state track meet!   Unfortunately, though we'd been tracking times online and planned to get there in time for his event, we only saw his relay team finish.   Boo.   

It was a HUGE event!!

Later that day, we went to a wedding (separate post to come).

On Sunday morning we went to All Star Sports (with free tickets from a friend!)

We got there just after they opened, so there was no lines for anything and nothing was crowded, it was perfect!

First up, go carts!

Caleb had SO much fun doing this!

We were the only ones on the track and had so much fun!   The ride lasted quite long, too!

Next we did Lazer Tag!    The kids and I had never played before and we had a blast!   We were the only ones in there, so that made it extra fun.  (Turns out I had my gun pointed backwards the entire time - HAHAHAHA!)  Still super fun =)

Last was mini golf!

It's fun that the kids are all old enough to play now and they actually played a hole ahead of us.

My man and I

After that we went out for a belated birthday lunch to McAlister's Deli - so yummy!

 Look at this beautiful "veggie cake" my friend, Michaela made at house church on Sunday! =)

At piano lessons the last couple of weeks, Moriah has had a blast playing with this doll house that belonged to her teacher when she was young!

Setting up house

 Look at this miniature playing card!
(There are so many tiny accessories, teeny, tiny forks, tiny books with real words, a tiny old fashioned sewing machine... so cool!)

Goofy rabbit candy from their teacher =)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mom's Visit - May 2017 (and Happy Birthday!)

Today, on mom's birthday, I'm posting about her second visit to Wichita! =)

She flew in at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 9th.

 There she is!!

 The welcome crew

On Wednesday morning, we went to Lowe's and she helped us pick out plants for our tiny raised garden bed!

It ended up starting to rain just as we were putting the plants in the van (and rained a lot that day), so we didn't end up getting to the planting part until the evening...

In the meantime, mom read aloud to the kids (Thornton Burgess), we met Philip at his office for lunch, and went grocery shopping.

 All set!



 I don't seem to have a picture of them, but we planted cucumber plants as well.

 Planting lettuce seeds (which sprouted before she left!)

 Putting cages on the tomatoes and cucumbers

 All done - we are so excited!

On Thursday, we visited my friend, Jane and she cooked African food for us!

 I took her this rose bush for Mother's day

 The only kids home, Roger and Bahati

 Mom, Jane, Bahati and I (Jane Loved meeting my African mom and mom loved meeting her!)

Mom brought the "Priceless" movie with her and she, Philip and I watched it over the course of two evenings.  It was fantastic!

On Friday morning we went to get manicures/pedicures at Eric Fisher Academy (a cosmetology school where you can get discounted services from students).

 Moriah and I getting pedicures

 Mom getting her first pedicure!   (Unfortunately, her person hadn't honed her skills very well yet, and mom's shellac ended up coming off really soon!   Bummer)

Friday afternoon, Keenan, Moriah and I went to watch Jane's boys, Gabriel and Michael compete at a track meet.

 Gabriel running in the 4x800 meter relay.  He's So fast!   He does the 800 (half a mile) in 2 minutes flat!  
 Unfortunately, after being there for almost three hours, Michael's event still hadn't happened, and we had to leave.    We found out later he did really well though, 3200 (2 miles) meters in 10:16!

We got home to a delicious dinner made by mom and then we all watched "Hidden Figures".  Great movie!

On Saturday, we took our first trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, in Goddard, KS.   This was our Easter gift from Mom and Jeff and we had been soo looking forward to it!   It was fun for Mom to be able to join us!

The thing about this park that's different from normal zoos, is that they offer "animal encounters" where you can get up close to a bunch of the animals with tokens that you buy.    The kids each got to choose two encounters.

 We got to be pretty close to the giraffes even though we didn't chose this encounter

 How cute is this little boy feeding the giraffe?

My favorite thing about the park was that they had a lot of BABy animals!  

 These Cheetah cubs were Very playful!

 This sleeping baby jaguar was too cute!!

 Look at these Leopard kittens!!!

 My favorite photo of the day

 Family picture in front of a pretty pond and waterfall

 These Colobus Monkeys had the sweetest little baby!

 Don't remember this guy's name

 Keenan chose to do the Lorakeet Interaction

 He got a container of food and they landed on him

 So pretty!

 We had never seen these before, they are called Clouded Leopards and are so beautiful!


 I thought this guy was hilarious

 The baby Llamas were so cute

We got to go right in with the kangaroos and pet them!

 This one has a joey in it's pouch!   See the feet sticking out?

 Cute bunnies

 The kids all chose the Camel ride as one of their interactions

 So fun!

 The otters were adorable and quite active!

 How cute is this guy??

 This Mama duck and her babies were hanging out in a surprisingly unsheltered spot... that allowed us to get a good view!

 Feeding the Koi fish

Caleb and Moriah opted to feed Lemurs are their second interaction:

It was fun, but a little disappointing, since they weren't allowed to touch them in any way, only got 2 craisins each to feed them (which were gone in .0001 seconds)...and were weren't allowed to take pictures from inside the feeding areas (which is why these are from a distance, taken by Philip).

 They were pretty cute =)

 Mom and I

That night we went to a Mongolian Grill for dinner (the kids had never been before and loved it!)   The food was Delicious!

 My bowl

After dinner, the five of us went for a family walk while Mom hung out at the house (she had got plenty of exercise already from her morning walk and the zoo), and then Philip and Keenan watched Star Wars (Keenan's first time) while Mom and I watched a Netflix movie called "Born to Win".   It was okay =)

On Mother's Day, I made a special breakfast for mom and I:

 Pumpkin pecan breakfast custard with toasted coconut

 So fun to be with Mom on Mother's Day!!

I got beautiful cards from both my moms, Philip and each of the kids!   Philip got me some yummy Yankee candles, and I got a call from Dad D in Kenya!   

 Caleb entertained us by saying phrases from the hilarious game "Speak Out" =)

 Mother's Day photos before lunch

 Three generations

 Philip (assisted by Moriah) made a delicious shrimp boil for lunch!!

 It was a beautiful day to eat outside

After lunch we introduced Mom to "Ticket to Ride" and she did really well! =)

That evening we went to house church, and then Philip put the kids to be while Mom and I went to see the lighting of the Keeper of the Plains.   It was a gorgeous, warm evening and it was nice to hang out, just the two of us.

 Mom has now had the official "Wichita experience" =)

On Monday, we decided it would be Mom's "birthday", since she would be leaving before her actual birthday.   
 The kids and I decorated and put out gifts

 Candle in her breakfast

 Mom with her gifts (and me with my gift from her)

 Grandma with her gifts and grandkids =)

 She made me this fun apron!

We had lunch at Jason's Deli, and then stopped in at a Thai supermarket I had heard about, called, "Thai Binh", it was super interesting and had Tons of things we'd never heard of before!   Unfortunately, we were strapped for time, so didn't get to see nearly all of the store, but did leave with some fun, unique treats, including some chocolate cookies, garlic potato chips, weird fruit flavored gum, salted "horse nuts" and mom bought some raisin cookies for Dad.

Next we went to the cheap theatre to see "A Dog's Purpose", a delightfully sweet and entertaining movie that we all thoroughly enjoyed! =)

 Mom and I had these yummy salmon and veggie foil packs for dinner

We had picked out flowers the day before, and on Tuesday, mom helped us plant them in front of the house.

 We put four kinds of plants in the boxes

 Pretty window boxes

 The flower beds were actually a Ton of work, since I had never planted anything in them before now

 Impatiens on the porch

 Not a great picture, but there are pink geraniums and pink and purple petunias along the walk

The evening before she left, we played a few games of Mexican train

Wednesday morning we got up early to take her to the airport.   :(  It was incredibly sad to see her go, but we had Such a Wonderful time with her here!   Mom, thanks for taking a week to spend with us - we loved every minute of it! =)

We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!