Saturday, April 29, 2017

Whirlwind Michigan/Ontario Trip in April 2017

Whew!  Our third trip in a month, this one did not favor us with relaxation or much sleep, but was a blast nonetheless!

A picture Moriah drew and gave to the pilot =)

We flew out of Wichita shortly before five and ate our dinner on the plane.    We ended up getting into Minneapolis an hour late (which had entirely eaten up our 50 minute layer), only six minutes before our next flight was supposed to take off!

On this map, we landed at a C gate and had to make it to F11.

We Sprinted the entire way!    It was horrible.  My lungs were Burning, Moriah started hyperventilating, and I was praying out loud the whole way, asking God to please help us make it in time.   Thankfully they were holding it for a few minutes for us and a couple others!!!

So thankful to be ON the plane!

Then, we found out their was bad weather in Detroit, so we waited on the tarmac for an hour!!

When we got to Detroit, our bags took a long time (during which time the kids changed into pajamas), and then we took the bus to the rental car place.   It took Forever (so we brushed our teeth).   By the time we finally got to Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's house, it was 1:45 am!   We all fell into bed, exhausted.

Fortunately, we were able to sleep in the next morning and take our time getting going.

Crazy kids

We packed up and left after lunch and got to Mom and Dad's shortly before dinner.   It was Fantastic!!

Super full table with Rob and Ada and crew! =)

We were chatting in the living room after dinner, when Mark and Rebekah and Alycia surprised us by pulling in the driveway !   How fun!   I had asked to borrow a scarf from Rebekah, so she brought a bunch for me to chose from, and the kids ended up entertaining themselves with them for the night! =)

Sweet girls

I wanted a shot with my parents since we hadn't done that in a while <3 p="">

We had a wonderful evening, chatting, catching up and laughing.. and staying up too late.

The next morning we had to be up bright and early and leave the house at 7:30!    We were all driving to Orangeville for a memorial service for my Uncle Dave.   A ton of Uncle Dave's stuff (a lot of it brand new) is at Mom and Dad's, so Philip and the boys "shopped" through it and got a tent, a multitool, some airplane books and some model kits - so cool!!

Mom and Dad kindly took the kids with them in their car and Philip and I met up with Mark and Rebekah in Woodstock and drove together so we could chat.   It was wonderful!

The weather had brightened up and warmed up surprisingly by the time we got to the cemetery which was a sweet blessing!

My skinny mom and I! =)

I love this one Rebekah got of my sweet girl and I

Everyone who came for the service

My dad speaking, beside the graves of his parents and older sister

A super sweet moment Rebekah captured of Uncle Jim and Caleb during the service

All of our family that was there

Thanks, Rebekah for capturing this one of the siblings who were there! =)

Aunt Heather gave the kids their Christmas gifts (awesome books!) to open on the drive to their house after!

So fun!

Mark and Rebekah were still with us and we all decided to stop for lunch at Swiss Chalet.   Love that place!

First Shirley Temples!

All of us and our yummy food

The family gathered at Uncle John and Aunt Heather's new/old house after.   They aren't living there yet and are planning a lot of remodeling, but it was really cool to see the "before" and be excited for the changes they're going to make!

Keenan played Ticket to Ride with Alex and also got in some Mexican Train!

Rebekah and I with Aunt Nora as we were all leaving

Just the two of us - it was So nice to be able to spend more than five minutes together and get to talk!

When we got back to Tim Horton's to part ways with Mark and Rebekah, they treated us all to some Tim Horton's treats!

I love this one of Mark and Keenan (I wasn't even aware of this happening, thanks, Rebekah!)

Since Iced Capps and I have parted ways, I had tea... and loved the special cup!

We drove back across the border, had dinner, and got back to Aunt Mary's in time to get settled in and get to bed at a decent hour.  We actually got to see their family for the first time, briefly before we all went to bed!  =)

On Saturday morning, Aunt Mary took all the kids out for breakfast and they brought back fresh bagels for Philip.   We packed up and headed to the mall to recycle my old laptop.

We had some great times together - here's my sad goodbye face :(

I was bemoaning to Philip the day before that our Saturday was so full that I wasn't going to have a chance to get my hair done before the wedding like I had hoped.  (I know this is trivial and somewhat vain, but I was just being honest).   He, being he sweet guy that he is, found a Fantastic Sams 3/4 of a mile from our friend's house, and we rearranged our morning so there'd be time to go!  Yay!   

I decided Moriah should have a trim too, and while we were there, we decided to get her hair done as well:

First haircut ever!!


My little goldilocks =)

I got my brows waxed, and then told the stylist I wanted "a side bun with some type of braid".   Then I had to take my glasses off, so was pretty much blind the whole time she worked on my hair and just had to trust that it was going to look nice! =)   I think she did a great job!    She knew the wedding wasn't for at least five hours, so she sprayed it until it was iron clad ;)

One side

The other

Caleb looked at my hair and told me I looked like "Miss Frizzle" from Magic School Bus:

Our time with Anthony and Melissa is Always too short, but we love to see them whenever we can!   The boys (Keenan, Nino, Anthony and Philip) immediately launched into a game of "Ticket to Ride, Rails and Sails", which we'd never heard of and was very involved and looked overwhelming to me, but the guys loved it!    It has train and boat routes!

The girls played together and Melissa and I got to catch up a bit.   We are super excited that they bought a house in Illinois and will be moving there this summer - putting them within a day's drive of us!!

Their sweet family

After leaving their house, we picked up dinner for the kids and raced to our hotel, checked in, and got dressed for the wedding.

Us girls in the lobby waiting for the van

The wedding was at the beautiful Rattlesnake Club venue on the river.

Philip and Grandma D
(how beautiful is she??)

...and with our whole family

Us five

Pretty flowers hanging on the aisle seats

Selfie while we wait for the ceremony to start

The rest of these are wedding guests we know and love! 

Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary with Davis and Taylor

Uncle Ron, Aunt Mary Ann, Tracie and Patrick

The whole group (this one was taken by the babysitter)

Speaking of babysitter, Aunt Mary arranged for Rebecca, a friend of Taylor's, to meet us at the wedding and take the kids back to the hotel after the ceremony to swim!   Perfect!

She was awesome.   A picture of them all before they left
(Oh, Caleb)

The Bride and Groom!
Scott and Bridget Levine

These next few were taken on my cell phone so I could send them to Jessica, who couldn't be there:

Aunt Mary and I

Megan, Emma and Liam

Aunt Patti (mother of the bride) and Grandma

Uncle Bob, Uncle Tim, Uncle Ty and Philip

First dance

Angela and Leo (ring bearer)

Philip with Uncle Tom and Uncle Bob
(check out his "Spock socks from Jessica!)

Taylor and Davis

The reception was gorgeous

Sweet moment during speeches when the bride was holding hands with her dad and new husband

We stayed at the reception until about 10:30 and then drove Grandma back to the hotel and walked her to her room.

Sunday morning we packed up, stopped at IHOP for breakfast and then headed to the airport.

On our first flight, Keenan got invited into the cockpit! =)

Happy guy with the pilots

He even got to try one of their hats on!

...and on our second flight, Caleb and Moriah got asked!

So fun

We arrived home at 5 that evening, happy to have made the trip and seen so many special people, but completely and utterly EXHAUSTED!!!   We are Thrilled to be staying at our home base now for several months!!!   Woohoo!


Mom W. said...

I hadn't seen this either, nice hair do and Moriah too, and no you don't look like Mrs. Frizzle!! Love your dress you wore for the wedding!! Looks like it was a great time with family here and there!!! Can't wait to see you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you still thought it was a blast, even without the rest or relaxation. I know we LOVED seeing you, but listening to everything you did makes me feel tired!

We were so happy to see you though! July until the next Christmas felt way too long! So even though it was an incredibly rushed trip, thanks so much for the time we had with you <3 We enjoyed every minute that we were with you guys!

Philip was so sweet to book time for you to get your hair done! And you and Moriah both looked amazing (and not at all like Miss Frizzle, although that is hilarious :) )

Grandma Dooley does look as beautiful as ever! Looks like you had a great time at the wedding.

Hope you're all rested up from your crazy trip!

Love you all,
Rebekah :)