Monday, April 17, 2017

Trip to Andrew and Bethany's

On the morning of the 8th, we packed up at John and Wendi's and hit the road for South Carolina!

We drove for three hours (with no stops!) and got to Andrew and Bethany's at lunchtime.    We had a yummy lunch and then toured their beautiful and nearly finished house!   (I took a bunch of photos, but won't post them here, because I'll let Bethany post the "grand reveal" whenever that is. =)

I did ask for permission to post this one photo - the attic, which I loved!!!   =)

It looks like a factory or something up there, it was soo huge and so cool!
(I think it's one of my favorite parts of the house) ;P

After the house tour, we walked around the perimeter of their beautiful property and then got our stuff settled in the camper.   They borrowed one from their friends and parked it in the shop... right next to the beautiful bathroom, so we had Very comfortable and spacious quarters during our stay!

Caleb and I slept on the big bed at the far end and Moriah slept on the left

Looking the other way, Keenan slept on that big bed

Next, Andrew took all the kids for rides while he did some "bush hogging"...

He even taught Keenan how to drive!

Andrew and Keenan took the motorcycle to Dollar General to get stuff for s'mores later

Andrew asked if I wanted to do some bush hogging.   I was hesitant and worried that I might run into something, but he agreed to come along to get me started... and I had a blast!!

He took a few pics of me on his phone:

It's hard to see, but I'm goofing around her and don't have my hands on the wheel =)

Keenan taking another turn as we finished up cutting that part of their land

Caleb tried out Reecy's pretty dog house =)

A girl's picture =)

I didn't get a photo, but Bethany made awesome "hobo packs" for dinner that Andrew cooked over coals, and they were delicious!   Sausage, two kinds of potatoes, and tons of veggies... so good!

After dinner, they took us to a really pretty park near them.

It had an awesome park!

My little poser in a "cave"

Andrew and Caleb on the sideways ladders =)

So funny!

Next we walked about half a mile to some pretty waterfalls:

Me and mine

I love this one of the two of them!

The pretty falls

When we got back, the fire was just right for roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!

Ooey gooey deliciousness

How awesome are Andrew and Bethany to cram this much fun into our First day??

On Sunday morning we went to church with them (they were okay with us choosing the 11:00 instead of 8:30 service) =)   I had blanked on the fact that we would be with them on a Sunday, so none of us had church clothes! =0/

After church, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.   

The boys playing checkers while we waited for our table

Caleb poured his bottle of root beer into two cups =)

Caleb mentioned to our waitress that it had been Bethany's birthday the day before.   When she brought our food, Caleb asked her if she had any presents for Bethany! =)   She said, "I don't have any presents, but I can offer her a free dessert!"   So, Aunt Bethany got a berry cobbler, thanks to Caleb's boldness! =)

All of us

We had a relaxed afternoon (Caleb and I napped...and overslept!) and then drove with them to one of their friend's houses to spend a few hours with their life group.   The kids had a GREAT time playing with new friends, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, playing basketball, riding the zipline and playing with their pet Chinchilla!   It was cool to meet and chat with people who are part of Andrew and Bethany's church family.

Monday morning
Keenan and Caleb playing chess (I think Caleb actually knows more about the game than I do any more!)

We drove about 30 minutes to a beautiful park/disc golf course.

It had an amazing playground!

Moriah taking a leap off the swing

The disc golf course was really pretty!

Caleb is really improving on his throws!

You can see Andrew, Bethany and Caleb here (Keenan and Moriah are down in the gully)

Fun group picture

The kids were getting tired and everyone was getting tired, so we quit after about 13 holes and ate our picnic lunch.

On the way home we stopped at an orchard/fruit stand for their famous ice cream

All of the kids ended up soo sticky!!

That afternoon Andrew took all of us for motorcycle rides:

The roads around their house are So pretty and rolling, it makes for beautiful riding!    He put almost 70 miles on his bike between all our rides!

Bethany picked up some gardening supplies and let the kids help her plant a small garden near the house!

Moriah helping plant seeds

Keenan itching to drive again

Watering the newly planted seeds!

It was fun to be with a brother on Siblings Day!! =)
(yes, I'm wearing his flip flops here)

I made my kids have a siblings picture, too ;)

We were shelling peanuts in the driveway and Caleb was feeding them to Reecy off his foot =)

Tuesday morning, the kids were all up bright and early, so I set them to school work while I tidied up:

Andrew and Bethany left for work, we had breakfast and then packed up our stuff and headed to the airport.    15 minutes away from the house, I realized that I'd forgotten my lunch in their fridge.  Fortunately, we had plenty of time and were able to go back and get it... and I found one of my socks in the driveway!  Ha!  =)

During our layover in Atlanta, we made the risky choice to go to the USO lounge (for military families).   It was risky because we only had an hour to work with and it was outside of security.   We ended up having to RACE back (after getting held up in security needing to get a boarding pass reprinted for Keenan and then having my backpack held up in the scanner).   We were literally sprinting through the terminal (yes, we were That family), but thankfully made it to our gate before they had started boarding!    We were all seated in separate rows again, and since we were running late, there was no time for the ticket agent to switch things around.   When she scanned our passes as we were boarding, somehow Caleb's printed out a little ticket that had him sitting next to me in row 26.   Keenan was four rows back and Moriah was in row 17!!   She was in the middle seat, too, so I knew no one was going to want to trade...until it occurred to me that when the person showed up for the middle seat in the row in front of us, (if they were traveling alone), I could ask if they'd mind switching for row 17!    The man who came kindly agreed to, and when he got to row 17, someone else was ticketed for the middle seat, so he ended up with the aisle (yay for him!)  =)  Moriah had a great time sitting in front of us and the nice guy next to her let her play games on his phone.

We got home early evening that day and were So happy to see Philip!

We had a Wonderful trip, but 8 days of parenting on my own left me very happy to be HOME!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I know jealousy's bad, but I DO wish I'd gotten to see Andrew and Bethany... And their new house... I was hoping for a grand reveal, but I guess I'll have to get on Bethany's case to send us some pictures :)
I love all the happy faces. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun together! Is this the first time the kids have been to see them? Looks like it was a special time for you all! Love you!
(Auntie) Bekah

Bethany said...

So glad you got some good pictures from the weekend!!! Thanks so much for coming to visit!