Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life in Between Trips in April

Here are some random phone pics from our week at home between trips:

Caleb learned how to pump gas (with help)!

The little boys in my class were delighted when someone brought in baby ducks! =)

Here is a photo from a while ago of them doing art

I let the kids have some Easter treats (thanks, Aunt Nora!) early and they even shared some with their friends!

While Keenan was doing his piano lesson, we went for a walk and the kids posed with RM in front of the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital

While babysitting at the Penny's on Saturday night, Caleb got a nasty gash in his forehead! 
(Philip was able to glue it when we got home)

 On a short "date" during Riah's session yesterday, Caleb posed with this adorable bunny that was as big as he was! =)

...and kicked back in this comfy chair =)


* Keenan went disc golfing in the morning with our friend, Drew
* The kids went to the Penny's while I had lunch with Philip (sweet potato, spinach, avocado and apple, baby!)
* After piano in the afternoon, I made two lasagnas (Philip is hosting First Wednesday here while we're gone - brave guy!)

 I was delighted to find these apple chips to add to my repertoire!  They're delicious and super crunchy!

Ingredients:  Apples

Okay, peeps, we're on to the next adventure!  Tennessee and South Carolina, here we come!


Mom W. said...

I hope your trip is going well!!! Apple chips, yum!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were going away again! Are you going to get to see A&B? And their new house? Sooooo exciting!
And awesome Easter presents from Aunt Nora...
Enjoy your time away,
Rebekah ❤