Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fun at the Zoo with our Ugandan Friends

We've decided to change direction a little this year with the way that we celebrate Easter. We felt that we had let things get a little too "eggy and chocolatey"and wanted to take the focus off of "stuff" and aim it back at our risen Lord and serving others.

The day before Easter, we decided to take six of the seven kids from "our" Ugandan family to the zoo.  (Amos is still not doing well, so Jane and the baby stayed home with him).

The weather was beautiful and despite it being a Saturday, and the day before Easter, it wasn't too crowded, since we got there half an hour after opening.

Patricia and Moriah are super great friends

Roger on a donkey


We got to watch most of the animals for the American and Asian farms come in from the pasture!   It was so cool watching them all go to their spots without being told!

Sheep and goat Mamas racing to breakfast, not worrying about whether or not their babies are with them

Watching the "parade"
(Gabriel, John, Patricia, Justus)

A bunch of the tiny babies didn't know where they were supposed to be and had to be taken to their Mamas

I thought this little guy scratching himself was really cute

Michael and Roger

Some more of the parade

I think these guys are super cute, but kind of sad looking (very Eeyore-ish) 

The yaks were fun


This baby lamb was so sleepy he didn't care who walked around him or touched him!

How cute is he??

Even Philip gave him a pet

John and Keenan and some crazy goats

Beautiful irises!

On the bridge in the tropics

Huge Hibiscus!

So pretty!!

I was super stoked to manage a shot between the wires at this beauty!

The wolves were very active, playing "tag" when we got there (usually they're just napping!)

Haha!   I caught this guy shaking water out of his fur (see the other wolf still in the pond behind him?)

Probably my favorite of the day

This buck was showing this branch who was boss

This blondie sure likes her picture taken =)

Gabriel, Roger and Moriah with the gorilla statue

The Gorilla exhibit was probably the highlight of the day for me.    One of the new families was out with their baby!

Mom and baby

The baby just hung on to the mom's hand/arm and swung along when she walked! =)

So cute!

It  was darling and even did some posing for us

I think it looks like a little old man here!

This was interesting... the dad came over to see the baby...

...and the mom immediately scooped it up!

He doesn't look impressed.  She ended up running to a different part of the enclosure with the baby

We saw a Canada goose nesting close to the elephants!
(but not where they could be reached or stepped on)

Philip and I in Australia


Most of the kids piled on the scale to see if they could reach the weight of a 500 pound ape

Another one I love

They were handing out these glasses at the exit and everyone, teenagers too, got a pair! =)

What a fun time we had!    We love these kids so much and hope that a morning at the zoo was a bit of a reprieve from the stress and uncertainty of their family situation.

That night we went to a bonfire with a bunch of our house church friends and then met back there in the morning for an early breakfast and a beautiful, simple service out in the yard with the sun shining and the birds chirping.   It was a precious time as someone told the Easter story, our friend, Dawnita, talked about the power of the blood, we shared communion and then several people briefly shared about when they came to know the Lord.   We are blessed.

We went home for lunch and naps and then met our friend, Drew and his dog, Toots,  at a new disc golf course just a few miles from our house.   It was pretty soggy in places from the storm the night before, but we had a blast and played all 18 holes.   The rest of the day was very laid back and just what we needed to rest and reconnect after the last few weeks.    Philip and the boys picked up all the soil and compost we'll need to start our raised garden box in a few weeks and Moriah, Caleb and I watched a Netflix documentary about Koko, the "talking" gorilla who speaks sign language.   Wonderful weekend!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend your Easter weekend! I'm sure all the kids loved seeing the animals, and making memories together is so special. Although I think my very favourite part is just that you got to spend the whole weekend together! Yay! Especially with busy schedules and having been away :)
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Rebekah :)

Melissa L. Penny said...

Man, your pics are so awesome! I am really enjoying this reading your blog thing.