Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Field Trip to Exploration Place

We don't have an annual pass anymore, so we were excited to join our CC group for a field trip to Exploration Place on the 14th.

The first thing we did was a planetarium show that was really cool and informative.  David, Keenan's friend who sat beside me probably knew as much or more than the presenter and really kept him on his toes! =)

After the show, we had "free time" until lunch:

Caleb inside a giant dragon

...and riding his scooter around the market =)

I love this Oriental outfit Moriah tried on!

With our friend, Moriah at the entrance to the Ice Age exhibit

Check out the size of that mammoth!!

Haha!   I love this selfie with some Prehistoric Moose thing

Keenan with a Furry Rhino

Giant Beaver (I think they were just making stuff up at this point)  ;)

Keenan trying to fly a Wright Brothers plane

Playing with a pulley

Blown away!

After lunch, we had a physics presentation.   They speaker was really interesting and did about 8 different demonstrations.    He called all of his volunteers "Bob" because he's not good with names. =)

Moriah and Josiah pulling a rope taut and demonstrating that force has direction (Even though Moriah and Josiah were stronger and were pulling as hard as they could on the rope, little Violet was able to push the middle of the rope to the floor because there was no opposing force pushing it back up)

In the afternoon, Caleb and Moriah went to my friend, Dawnita's house to do an Easter craft, watch a movie and have dinner.    Keenan had Jade over for a playdate...

...which they started off with slushies =)

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This looks like so much fun!
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