Saturday, April 1, 2017

7 Foods for the Month of April

So, I'm doing a "weird food thing" for this whole month... as a result of the book that kicked my butt last week.   Jen Hatmaker* (the author of "7 - an experimental mutiny against excess"), took a month each for seven areas of life:  food, possessions, waste, spending, media, clothes, and stress.   In her food month, she ate only seven foods.    There are a lot of reasons that this is inspiring to me.   Like she said, it takes out of the equation the hundreds of food choices we have to make each day, it takes away the "fancy" (tastes, textures, ways to prepare and spice) and in a way is a fast, just eating plain, nutritious foods, instead of indulging three times a day.   Even seven different foods gives me more options than large parts of the world eat in any given day.

* While I loved this book, it is the only thing of hers I have read, and after some recent enlightenment, I can't say I endorse everything she believes.

The seven foods I chose are (identical to hers, except one):

* Eggs
* Chicken
* Spinach
* Sweet Potatoes
* Avocado
* Apples
* Oats (she had whole grain bread)
- she also allowed herself a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper

The challenges of doing this this month are:

- we are traveling twice (once for eight days and once for five days, both including plane travel)
- we'll be eating out with family during one trip, and also attending a wedding
- Easter is in April!

I'll check in and update you on how this is going every once in a while... if nothing else, I'm going to get Really good at making unique combinations of all of these foods! =)

(None of these beautiful images are mine)

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Mom W. said...

I think I would switch the spinach out for broccoli, asparagus or cabbage. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!