Saturday, March 11, 2017

Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora's Visit - Feb/March 2017

We were so excited to be included in Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora's six week road trip in the US!

They arrived in the afternoon on Monday, February 27th.   They were extremely flexible and easy going and fit well into our crazy schedule!    The boys were actually both sick the day that they arrived (which I felt horrible about), but they assured us that they have great immune systems and weren't concerned about it at all!

I put breakfast stuff for them in the "kitchenette/bar area" downstairs, so they could move at their own pace (and make coffee) in the morning while we got at school work.

We watched Finding Dory their first night here. =)

Moriah practiced her reading with Uncle Jim most days

One of many UNO games

Keenan and Uncle Jim playing Monopoly
(I don't have any pictures of them, but they later played Risk and then Axis and Allies - which lasted four days!!)   Uncle Jim took Keenan out for a long walk (and chat) on Monday, which ended up happening almost every day that they were here and Keenan really enjoyed it!

Caleb offered "footstool" services to Aunt Nora.   He could be adjusted up or down for the foot rester's comfort.  He also offered back massages and scratches =)

On Tuesday, one of the few nights Philip was off in time, we went out to dinner at River City Brewing Company.   For an appetizer we had poutine - which was not like the Canadian version, but delicious!!   After dinner we went to the lighting of the Keeper of the Plains.

On Wednesday, Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora gave the kids little spiny butterfly things that you wind up and let go and they fly into the air...

Having help getting them twisted

Keenan's seemed to work the best

There it goes!

...which inspired them to try and make their own kite!

That afternoon, Moriah and Aunt Nora went for a walk and then we took them to the Nifty Nut House, visited Philip at his office and then they took us to Chick Fil A for dinner. They had never been before!   On the way home they bought real kites for the kids, since the home made one didn't work out as they had hoped.

We had a fun evening chatting and Philip joined us for some Dutch Blitz.   He knows I love this game and really just plays to humor me.   He won the first game in a matter of minutes (and we all burst out laughing when he said he had stacked his deck!!) =)

On Thursday, Keenan and Caleb were still feeling funky, so Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora graciously offered to keep them home and Moriah and I went to CC for the morning.    Here are a few pictures Aunt Nora took of the boys flying kites that morning:

In the afternoon, all three kids were out flying their kites.   Wind is something that Kansas knows a little something about!

Uncle Jim getting Caleb's kite up

Caleb taking the reins

Moriah flying her kite (after it blew down from our neighbor's roof where it had ended up)

Keenan's kite looks a little close to that tree...

...and this was the result ;)

They took us to Braum's for ice cream that afternoon and we got Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner.   The adults watched the new Tom Hanks movie, Sully and thoroughly enjoyed it!   (Actually, it turns out that Caleb watched almost the entire thing from the stairs, also)  =)

On Friday we took the day off school and went to the zoo in the morning and had a picnic lunch there.   It was chilly, but still fun!

The tropics was a nice place to be!

A fun picture in the jungle

This Caiman cracked me up the way he was just splayed out relaxing!

Keenan having a heart to heart with a Chimp

After we left the zoo, the boys drove home in Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora's car and us girls headed to the cosmetology school to have our nails done!   My friend has a VIP pass there and we got everything for half price!

Moriah's turn

I got a pedicure, my brows waxed and a free facial.  Moriah and Aunt Nora both had manicures and pedicures.   Thanks for treating us, Aunt Nora!!   Uncle Jim, thanks for hanging out with the boys for the afternoon.   (He came up with a great system where he'd play a board game with Keenan for ten minutes, then play lego with Caleb for ten minutes, and repeat...)

Caleb playing happily with Uncle Jim when we got home.

The afternoon was spent flying kites and we did shrimp boil for dinner.   We had a fun evening playing Whoonu and Pictureka.  

(Philip was working on base this entire weekend, so it was extra special to have fun company!)

On Saturday morning, I got some time to myself while they hung out with the kids. 

We introduced them to Ticket to Ride and they really liked it!

They brought fun treats for the kids - Kinder Eggs and some similar, Huge chocolate eggs!

Look at the size of that!

Oops!   Eyes closed - look at how big the toy inside is!

Caleb and Aunt Nora being cute with hair bands in their hair =)

That night we watched Iron Will.

On Sunday morning we went to my friend's church and then Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora took us out to lunch at Jason's Deli.   Our friends from church joined us and the kids (mostly Caleb) provided lunchtime entertainment.    We came home and almost everyone took naps.
That night they joined us for house church and it was really great having them there and being able to introduce them to our "family" here!   The four adults had a great chat at home after.

They left on Monday after lunch and headed on to the next leg of their trip in Oklahoma!

Thank you, thank you, Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora for the wonderful week!    All of us Loved having you here and were quite blue when you drove away!   


Mark and Rebekah said...

This is such a SPECIAL post!!! Not many kids have a GREAT aunt and uncle who are so fun and so involved! I'm happy that your kids got a chance to know them better! It looks like you all had a great week :)

The Woodfords said...

That Is really special! I'm so glad for you that you were able to have that time together!

Mom W. said...

So so good, so glad they were able to stay for a long enough time to really spend time with the kids!! They will remember that!!!

Bethany said...

What a special visit and time!!!