Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ski trip to Copper Mountain, CO

Now that we've been home for over two weeks, I'm finally blogging about our ski trip!!

First off, a photo of me in my new glasses...

I got two pairs, but these are my favorite

On February 10th, we left Wichita around 8:30 am and drove 8 hours to Denver.   The temperature got up to 82 degrees!!   This made me a little nervous that the next day, just two hours away, there'd be enough snow to ski on! =)   We checked into our hotel, had dinner at Jason's Deli, Philip took the kids swimming and we all went to bed early.

On the 11th, we left the hotel after a nice breakfast and drove to Parker, CO, where the kids played at a beautiful park while Philip and I walked big loops around the playground on a trail and got some exercise.    We then met up with Matt and Jessica and the kids at a grocery store, where we stocked up on non perishable groceries, picked up lunch and headed to Frisco.   The weather got pretty bad and snowy very quickly, which made for some hairy mountain driving for Philip (while the rest of us slept).   We all met up with Dad D at another grocery store, bought refrigerated and frozen stuff and drove the last 20 minutes to Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

There was certainly enough snow when got there!
Wow!   I haven't been around this much snow in a long time!

The condo that Philip found for us was amazing and in the perfect spot... a short walk to ski school for the kids!    It had a big living room with a fireplace, a beautiful kitchen, two large bedrooms (with their own bathrooms) upstairs, and a large kids room with bunk beds on the main floor.

Jess and I took turns making a couple dinners each and we ate out a couple nights or had leftovers.

The girls on the first night in their matching jammies from Grandma E.

The 12th was a fun, relaxing day before hitting the slopes...

Uncle Matt reading a story

The snow piled up on our deck!!

Views out our windows at the surrounding lodges

Yahtzee with Papa, one of Many games that were played!

I went to the gym and got in a two mile run.  My first at elevation any where near that!
The sign on the wall =)

Our kids clothes before they headed out (Yes, Caleb Did wear Moriah's too small, pink boots.  When you only get snow once or twice a year, it's not worth buying new boots!  And besides, he likes pink)  =)

Jessica and all the kids bundled up!

Moriah and Caleb sliding down the bank

This wasn't the look I was hoping for when I asked for a photo...;)

Caleb collecting ice chunks

Jessica helping with the snowman

Sweet Adilyn

Goofy girl

Philip and Dad on the observation deck (if adults walked in the snow, we went up to our knees!)

My sweet girl and I

Digging out a small fort under an evergreen

The finished snowman!   His carrot nose came all the way from Florida!

The snow fun crew

The Kenyan came out in shorts!

Dan and his kids

...and grandkids

My love and I

The Expedition we rented for the trip

Sunday evening, we all headed over to get fitted for our skis and boots (and helmets for the kids)

Caleb with his skis - thumbs up!

Caleb hauling the wagon with all our stuff back to the condo =)

That night we all watched Storks together.   It's hilarious and was quoted the entire week. =)

Monday morning was time to suit up and head out for the first ski day!  I figured it was approximately 13 pieces of clothing/gear for each person, times 10 people!    Needless to say, it was quite the process getting out the door... =)

The kids all ready to go!

Caleb and I being silly

Caleb and Adilyn were the first to get dropped off at ski school.

Ski school for the kids was amazing.  We dropped them off at 9 am, and they stayed there, had lunch, and we picked them up at  3 pm!   This allowed us to go to our own ski instruction or ski on our own, depending on the person.

Moriah, the skiing pickle

Keenan and Moriah, impatient to get to ski school!

Dropping them off with Reagan and Hudson
(It was super cool, the four of them ended up being in a class by themselves with a great instructor!)

I had never skied before, and Philip hadn't been in 15 years, so we did a day of ski school also.   Fortunately, we were broken off from the main group with a couple other people partway through the morning and were able to "accelerate" our lesson and get on a lift and up onto some real slopes the first day!

I was hooked right away!    I asked Philip, "What have we been doing with all our time, not using it skiing??"  =)

On one of our trips up the lift, we were able to look down and see our kids with their instructor!

So fun!

Us with our instructor, Dennis, (who has been skiing for 70 years and instructing for 40!) and Sasha, the other one in our group.   We had a fabulous experience and were really set up well to enjoy the slopes on our own the next couple days.

After the kids were done with ski school on the first day, Philip stayed back with Caleb and Keenan and Moriah and I headed back up the lift with Matt and his boys to do a couple more runs.

Moriah and I rode up together

Too cute!

Caleb (who still naps regularly and had just had a big day of ski school) didn't make it back to the condo and ended up crashing on Philip's lap at the lodge =)

The 14th was Valentines so all the kids brought valentines to exchange with each other.   It was so fun to be able to do this with family!

Caleb with some of his treats

Valentines cousins

They all gave gifts to Papa as well

Philip gave Moriah and I matching diamond earrings!

The 14th was also Myrtle's (86th!) birthday, so I called her and we all sang to her. =)

 I had decided that skiing was my new favorite sport at this point! =)

Tuesday morning, we headed out with Matt and Jessica.    

The four of us ready to head down

We got to see the kids class again, and sort of "stalked" them down the mountain for a bit =)

Matt is an extremely talented skier, and Jessica is as well, so Philip and I weren't comfortable with some slopes that were cake for them.   We parted ways for a bit so they could do some more challenging runs.   The weather was Gorgeous and it was fun to spend the day on the slopes with my Valentine.

I love this picture Matt took of Moriah with a snow baby =)

After the kids were done ski school that day, Philip and Matt took the oldest four back out to ski more and Jessica and I brought Caleb and Adilyn back to the house.    Caleb was exhausted and took a Huge nap.   That night was filled with lots of fun games, including a couple rousing rounds of Apples to Apples ;)

Ticket to Ride!
(We bought Dad the Africa edition for Christmas)

On the 15th was Philip's birthday!!    We had planned for this to be a "day off" in the middle of the week, to give all our muscles a break from skiing (we needed it!)    I made a special breakfast in the morning and Philip got some gifts and we just relaxed for the day.

So fun to be with his dad and sister on his birthday for the first time in YEARS!! =)

I took this because I thought Moriah just looked So grown up here!

Papa with his two littlest

We took the kids to the pool in the afternoon and that night, Dad took all of us out for dinner to a great Mexican restaurant in Frisco.  He apparently told the waiters that it was Philip's birthday, so they did the whole "song and dance, make him wear a sombrero and drink a shot of tequila thing".   He actually tried the tequila, but was happy to let Matt, Jessica and I have some too ;)

Happy Birthday, Philip!! =)

Then everybody had to try on the sombrero... =)

Haha!   Love this one!

We picked up an Oreo ice cream cake on the way home...

Happy Birthday, Babe!

A couple of me with my older husband before I headed to bed =)

Since the condo was pretty much full to capacity, there was no quiet place for me to be alone for my devotions in the morning before anyone else woke up, so I just put a bunch of pillows in the bathtub and hung out there! =)

A couple little snugglers joined me a couple mornings =)

On Thursday, since they were finished with ski school, Keenan and Moriah joined Philip and I on the slopes...

Keenan took this for us - so beautiful!!

These two, along with their cousins, took to skiing so naturally and fearlessly!   We were extremely proud of them!

An attempted selfie of the four of us on the chair lift.  Somehow I didn't make it into the frame ;)

Matt took this one for us at the highest point we got to
We skied 16 miles that day!!

Fun panoramic one

That night Dad generously offered to watch all six kids, with pizza and a movie, so the two couples could each go out on a date!   So fun!

Philip and I went to a really nice restaurant called C.B. Grille
(I had Bison Meatloaf and Philip had Lobster Mac'n'cheese)

Gorgeous sunrise on Friday morning

Caleb and Adilyn were now finished with their three days of ski school, so we were able to ski as a whole family on Friday!    The first time we started down a green run with Caleb, he seemed really unsure of himself and wanted us to hang onto him.   This quickly proved to be very frustrating and physically draining.   Our hopes were not high.   However, as soon as it leveled out a bit and he put into practice the skills he'd learned, like doing "pizza" with his feet, and turning... he did GREAT!!!

Moriah was very patient and hung back with Caleb, but Keenan shot ahead

Look at him go!!!

It was somewhat surreal, watching our FIVE year old ski down the mountain, largely unassisted!

Moriah and I on the lift

Caleb and Philip
(I hadn't anticipated HOW MUCH time we would spend going up lifts, but it actually proved to be quite peaceful and enjoyable)

I got to ride with Caleb once... doesn't he look like a pro?? =)

A group photo on Friday before Dad left to head back to Denver for his early flight on Friday.

Normal (somewhat)


Caleb and Adilyn in the hot tub near our condo

Matt and Jessica packed up and left fairly early on Saturday morning.

Family photo before they left

We also had them take one of us in the driveway, to contrast the winter snow and grey with...

...the gorgeous aspens and blue sky from when we were there on bike trip in September! =)

So cool to look at the difference!

We packed all our stuff up in the Expedition, checked out and headed back out to do a few more runs before heading for Denver.

My chair mate

Our only family pictures of us all on skis from the whole week!

It's official!   We love skiing and need to do a lot more of it! =)

We are soo thankful for such a wonderful week with family at such a beautiful place.  The weather was perfect.   It seriously could Not have been better.    What a great vacation!!

As we passed through Frisco on the way home, we snapped a photo of Mount Royale (that we climbed back in September).

Saturday afternoon, we stopped in Denver at Erik and Andrea's again for dinner.   It was a wonderful evening, catching up and talking about our trip over delicious chili and cornbread.  

All of us!

We drove several more hours that evening (listened to the Hiding Place audio book from Mark and Rebekah), stayed the night in a hotel and arrived home on Sunday afternoon.    We were whipped!   I may have just finished unpacking a couple days ago... =)


Jessica said...

Such a fun trip!!! Can't wait to do it again. The kids were all such amazing Skiiers and we truly did have the most perfect weather. Thank you, Lord! That pic of Adilyn and Caleb in the hot tub is hilarious. They both look so grown up! Miss you guys :(

Mark and Rebekah said...

Thanks for all the updates, I love getting to peek into your world ❤
This looks like an awesome holiday! So cool that you all took lessons and got really comfortable on the hills! I loved all the pictures!

The Woodfords said...

Oh, wow!! Looks like you guys had a Blast - how fun!! It's been years since we've skiied, too - not sure how I would do!?! Maybe we'll give it a try when we're in Canada next winter...

Mom W. said...

This was so good. So glad Everyone had such a good time, the weather was perfect and no one got hurt or was sick!!! Perfect, thank you Lord!!

Bethany said...

Looks like an awesome time!!!