Friday, March 31, 2017

Life at the Rieger/Philip's NIPDD Graduation

Finally getting back to blogging after getting back into life at home...

On the 24th, we did some school review out on the big balcony before heading inside to do school at the kitchen table...

This was such a great space!

I actually got in a 25 minute run INSIDE THE CONDO (without feeling like I was running in circles) because it was so spacious!!

Happy boy on a rainy day

After school work was done, we headed up to the sun room on the roof for some quiet reading time...


What I read on the trip
(It rocked my world!)

After an early dinner, we drove to the hotel to meet up with Philip before his graduation from NIPDD (National Institute for Program Director Development).    This is a fellowship that Philip completed over the last year.

It was quite the hilarious production, watching the photographer coax and cajole their huge group into position!   I was so glad it wasn't me! =)

We watched from the balcony

The whole group!

The graduation was pretty short, thankfully, but the speaker was not great.

Philip shaking hands with all the advisors

With his diploma

A couple friends came also and Dr. Haynes (our good friend and Philip's former Program Director from Eglin) sat with us.   We love him!

I love this shot after, of he and Moriah having a competition to see who could hold themselves up between two chairs for the longest time!
(It's not everyday you see a retired Colonel being this silly) =)

Philip with 

They had (delicious looking) "heavy h'orderves afterwards and I didn't have anything, but was happy to use Philip's free drink ticket. =)

When we got back, the family of four had arrived.

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Mom W. said...

Wow, I didn't realize that was what the Kansas City trip was about... congratulations Philip!!!