Saturday, March 11, 2017

Keenan's TENTH Birthday!

Our firstborn is a DECADE old!   How can this be???

Keenan, just like last year, uncannily woke up at almost exactly 6:22 am (the time of his birth!)  =)

With his gifts and cards

Philip had to leave pretty early, so we had a family breakfast (cheesy, sausage tater tot casserole) at 7 am and Keenan opened his gifts.

He was DELIGHTED with the books he received (and has read three of them already!!)

The kids were Super excited when the Pennys offered to take them to Get Air - a trampoline park for a few hours!!   (I was also excited, because it meant I got to have sushi and drinks and several hours of uninterrupted time with Melissa, catching up!)

Devin took these pictures for me:

All six kids jumping!

Big kids swinging into the foam pit

My favorite!!

We picked up Keenan's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and Philip came home to have dinner with us.

Family/cake photo

Happy 10th, Bud!

Make a wish!

One of Keenan's birthday requests was to stay up until 10:00, so we took the kids to "Cosmic Bowling" at the alley on base from 7 to (after) 10 pm!!

So much fun!

Keenan bought this scooter for himself for his birthday =)

 It has a special "spark brake", but it didn't show up well in the dark

Happy Birthday, Keenan!    We are so thankful for the ten years you have been part of our family!   We pray that God does amazing things in your life in this next year.  We love you so much!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Sorry I'm late saying it, but happy, happy birthday Keenan! It's hard having people you love live so far away, but we're so thankful you're part of our family and we are always SO happy when we get to spend time with you! We love you!

Mom W. said...

Yes, a late happy Birthday from me here too, how did I not see this post before? Cool scooter!!!

denise said...

Happy happy happy (belated) birthday Keenan! We hope you're enjoying the double digits! Love, Denise, Dan, Easton, Dalton and Quinton