Sunday, March 19, 2017

Disney on Ice!

My friend, Michaela, told us about Disney on Ice coming to Wichita, so I decided to surprise Moriah with it this weekend!

All ready to go!

We had planned to take Patricia, the only girl in our refugee family, but when we arrived, there had been a miscommunication and she was on a school trip, so we had to scramble and take someone else!   We decided on Eden! =)

At the Lotus Leaf for dinner

A more accurate representation of Eden =)

My zucchini primavera with chicken

Outside before the show

Moriah's jelly "glass slippers" =)

My little princess and I

The girls were SO excited about the whole thing that it was just a joy being around them! =)   The rest of the photos aren't great, because nice cameras weren't allowed in the arena:

The show took up about 2/3 of the ice and they had this massive, three story stage set up with their backstage area curtained off behind

So excited!!
(They shared a FIFTEEN dollar cotton candy!  Yup, this is a Disney production all right) =)

Mickey and Minnie introducing the show

It started out with an impressive, detailed depiction of the story of Aladdin, and then was followed by EVERY Princess story, in shorter versions...

(A lot of my pictures didn't make the cut, since they were blown out by the spotlights, etc...

The Seven Dwarfs

Dancing silverware from Beauty and the Beast

Be Our Guest!

The costumes, skating abilities and tricks were just phenomenal!


Fire-breathing dragon from Sleeping Beauty

The fire shot across the ice!

Dancers at Cinderella's ball

The final show was an impressive depiction of the whole Frozen story!

Finale, where all the Princesses and their Princes came out

I love this shot
(The carriage in the middle raised up with Tinkerbell inside)

So, so much fun!   What an excellent show!

Moriah and Eden at the end with Cinderella's carriage

I took them for ice cream on the way home.   They were adorably excited and giggly all the way home and could Not stop saying how much fun they had!! =)


Mom W. said...

Wow, and wow again!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

This looks like so much fun!!! Next time though, I think you should wear a princess dress too :) I LOVE skating shows but haven't been to very many, but this sure looks like fun! I love hearing how excited the girls were on the way home! Haha! It's always nice to get such an excited reaction!

A happy memory for sure!