Friday, March 31, 2017

Science City, Etc.

On the 26th, we slept in and then I changed the bedding in Scott's room for Doug to stay the next two nights.

I also made a pot of soup

Will came up from downstairs to play with Caleb for a while that morning.

How cute are they??

I continue to be astounded at what the kids think of making with the magnatiles!

Caleb and Moriah made Mary (on the right, bending over), baby Jesus in the manger (middle) and Joseph (on the left

Moriah made a bunny and an "egg" =)

Caleb's bridge

We had an early lunch, Caleb took a nap and then we headed to Union Station to go to Science City!
It was quite impressive, actually and kept us entertained for hours!

In a cool black light maze

The kids loved this spaceship slide
(Caleb is peeking out the top in the photo above)

With a fun suspended airplane

Play area for little ones in the middle

Just a "lay of the land" shot

They had to crank up the air pressure and then release their cars on this track

This was the same idea, but they were shooting a rocket up a tube
(you can barely see it at the top of the photo)

When they laid on this bed and looked up at the crooked wall, it made them feel like they were sliding off

By running on this, you could see how many watts of energy you were creating and if you had enough (like Keenan did), it powered the sign in the background

Keenan was the only one tall enough to ride this "air bike"

Fun photo op

The water table was huge and one of their favorite parts

I don't really understand how this worked, but I was very intrigued!   It was sand, and as people moved it around or piled it up, the lights would color it like a topographical map!

Keenan hoisting himself up (he said it was really hard)

Moriah liked this ball with an electric arc in it

Digging for dinosaur bones!

Hahahaha!   Oh this kid...

Just another shot showing the size of it, it just kept going in every direction!

These are called "Spun Chairs" and because of their shape, they are incredibly fun to rock and tilt and spin in!  While the kids were playing, I looked them up on Amazon on my phone... they cost $980!!

The three of them actually worked together to make this path for the ball

A snapshot with Einstein on the way out

When we got back, Philip was already there, so we had dinner together for the first time since the Stone house!  We had a fun, relaxed family evening, and even convinced Philip to play Keenan's new game, "Speak Out".  It's HILARIOUS!   

This (very unattractive) picture of us shows you the mouthpieces you have to wear to play.  There is a kid's team and a parent's team and you have to say funny phrases and have your team mates guess them before the timer runs out.   (I almost peed my pants when it was Philips turn).

Fun with (strong) Daddy! 

Doug arrived and got settled and then Philip and I hung out on the couch together and I worked on blog posts.

I didn't take a single picture the next two days, but on the 27th we did school, (Keenan was making great headway on his research paper on Leif Erikson), I ran again, we packed most of our stuff up and took it down the elevator (yes, it had an elevator!!) to the van, had dinner with Philip and took a family walk downtown, found a "park-ish" area and Philip and the kids played tag.   I ended the evening reading in bed (getting my butt kicked more by the book "&").

On the 28th, we did school, loaded up the van, checked out and did some CC review while we waited for Philip to be done with his conference at 11.   When he was done, we picked him up and drove home (ate our lunch in the van on the way).   When we got home, Philip headed into work and the kids and I unloaded the van, unpacked our stuff and did laundry... in record time EVERYTHING was put away for the first time maybe ever!  (I'm usually still unpacking my suitcase two weeks later).   It was a Wonderful trip, and I needed to get it blogged, since we (the kids and I) are leaving again soon for another adventure!

Around Town and Stuff

On the 25th, the kids and I hopped on the trolly/train(?) and rode the whole loop through downtown and then got off at Union Station.

Waiting for the trolly

At Union Station
(It was huge and gorgeous!)

We discovered some cool stuff to do (later) at Union Station and then walked on The Link (an indoor elevated walkway) over to the Crowne Center.   We perused the toy store and then went to this kid's play place.   We had been here before, but they had changed the theme since we went last.   Everything was underwater this time.

Crooked building!

Caleb driving a submarine

Scuba diver!

With the giant octopus

Scott had given us his ten dollar voucher for the Crowne Center (all the conference attendees got one) and the kids decided they'd like to get ice cream with it.   The total came to $9.98!   Boom!

Thanks, Dr. Scott! =)

An attempted selfie of all of us (sorry, Keenan!)
I tried again several times, but he just finally said, "I'm done!"

While the kids enjoyed their ice cream, I treated myself to a fancy tea from a cool tea store I had seen on our last visit (but it was closed already).   I ordered their "staff favorite" aged white tea....and it tasted like nothing.   While we were sitting outside the shop, the guy came out and asked how I liked it.   I said, "Um... I'm underwhelmed."   He offered to let me try another flavor, Tangerine, for free!    Well, the tangerine tea smelled and taste like barn.   Oh well, it made a good hand warmer as we walked. =)

One of us girls in the Link with the pretty trees
(and my barn tea)

A photo of the outside of the Reiger when we got back

I thought my baked eggplant looked especially delicious and deserved a photo =)

We had lunch and naps and then Moriah, Caleb and I went back to Union Station so I could mail a couple notes, since I had noticed they had a post office.

When we got back, we walked around to a store behind our condo where we had seen people taking pictures withs some cute murals...

Fortunately someone was there to swap taking pictures for!

Haha!   I love this one!

Moriah cut one of my wings off a bit =)

That night, some people came over for pizza and to watch the basketball game.   While we were waiting for Philip to pick up the pizza, Amy entertained the kids on the roof.   She has a LOT of energy!!

I love how happy Caleb is in these pictures!!


They even tried out some yoga =)

When Philip and Keenan got back with the pizza, This is what they brought in!!!

This thing was a Beast!!!

Some of the people during the game (a couple more arrived later)
(In the foreground is Doug and his wife, Jen is in the back.   Levi is in the middle and Amy is beside Moriah)

Jen offered to take one with me in it - I love this one of my with two of my handsome men!!

Amy, who is a pediatrician, is Amazing with kids and was So great with them!!

She and Moriah did a bunch of art, and made origami foxes

Keenan even got in on the fun and both he and Moriah remarked at bedtime how "awesome Miss Amy was"  =)