Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Holiday Running Streak Challenge 2016/17 is Complete!!

Today was the last day (of 39) of running!     Woohoo!!!   November 24th through January 1st!   We did it!!   I am SO proud of my family and of all our friends (28 on all!)who did the challenge this year!

Here are a few of the runners who sent me pics:
(The drastic difference in running apparel is because some of these people are in Florida and some are in Kansas or Canada!)

Philip's sister, Jessica



 My brother, Mark

 Emerson (his sister, Violet did some, too and his parents, Ellen and Jason both completed the challenge)


 Jade and Eden

 Philip's brother, Isaac

 Katie (her mom, Erin did it as well)

 Jessica and her friend, Jackie
 Moriah, Philip and Keenan

Philip and I out for a late night run

We had toyed with the idea of doing our final run right after midnight and getting it over with, but by the time midnight came around, we were all too tired to head out into the dark and cold! =)   We had a nice family run later this morning...

After our last mile

WOOHOO, it's over!!

I ordered medals for all the runners who completed the challenge, so after we finished it was time for the "medal ceremony" at our house =)

Shaking hands even, very official ;)

I gave Keenan and Moriah each a certificate, entitling them each to a breakfast date with me and a new book.  I'm sooo proud of them!

Keenan's turn

Way to go, Bud!


Giving each other our medals

Love this guy!   I was really surprised when he decided to get in on the challenge, and I'm so proud of him for sticking with it, even though it meant that most of his runs were late at night in the dark after he got home from work!!

Family snap

This is what the medals look like

I was hoping to match the mileage of the first time I did this challenge, back in 2013, and did do that, finishing with 80 miles (105 total, since I actually started running daily on November 14th).  I will not continue to run every day, but plan to run three times a week from here on out.   Not sure yet if we'll do this again next year.    What about you?  Would you join us?  =)


Mom W. said...

Thanks for the medal Joia, but you surely didn't need to do that since I didn't officially run, but I surely did the equivalent. I like Philip's beard!!! Very cool looking.

Bethany said...

Nice job, y'all! I'd be up for the challenge maybe next year... 3x a week is perfect amount of running for me typically... my goal is to do a sprint tri this year, so if you see a good one, lmk!

Shambach's said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. What was the challenge? To run every day between those dates? I think I'd be up for the challenge next year! Keep me in mind! We just got a membership at the YMCA nearby so that helps with our long cold winters here.