Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Catch Up

Wow, I haven't posted in three weeks!?

Okay, well in a desperate attempt to get current, here is a mish-mash of things we've been up to this month.   I haven't had the camera out a ton... =0/

 Caleb (like his Mommy many, many years ago) wanted to find out what a pickle juice popsicle tasted like!   He actually quite liked it =)

 This picture is more about the event than the greatness of the photo.   This is the kids with their little friend, Elias, shortly before his family left for Africa for six months!

 An early morning photo of Philip, just before shaving off his "vacation and early January" beard.  He may have kept it longer, but he had to go to work on base. ;)

 All the Christmas cards we received this year!  They sort of took over!

 Somehow, even after doing a huge "de-clutter" Last January, we still had this much stuff to give away!!

 On the 10th, we got free tickets on base to go to a Wichita Thunder hockey game at the huge arena downtown!  The kid's first hockey game ever!

Turns out that neither team was very good, and there weren't ANY points on the board when we left half way through!  No fights either ;)   Anyway, it was still fun

 My little Canadians got to find out what a Zamboni is!!

 I have really enjoyed having fresh flowers in the house and these tulips were gorgeous!

 We were given a new game, called "Fibber".   It has Hilarious glasses and "Pinocchio" noses that you have to wear!

 They even got Daddy to play it once!
* We have actually decided to give this game away since, as funny as it is, we felt it was teaching our kids to be good liars

 My friend Wendy with the kids while she babysat them one night

 I did photos for some friends on Sunday

Caleb with some play dough creations

At the recommendation of a friend, I started reading this and am loving it!!

Other news from the month that didn't make it into photos:

Philip completed his first year as Program Director of the residency!
Our fish, Flame, got sick and had to be euthanized =(
I watched a documentary on Minimalism and cleared off a lot of surfaces in our house.
Moriah started three times a week tutoring for her Dyslexia.
I took each of the kids out on a breakfast date.
Donald Trump became President.
Philip spent four days in Atlanta for a conference.
The kids and I watched, BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and really liked it.
Spent Saturday morning playing catch and batting balls with the kids, and introduced Moriah and Caleb to one of Keenan's favorite stores ever, Barnes and Noble.
Started organizing and buying ski gear for our ski trip next month!


Mom W. said...

Pickle juice popsickles!!! Yum!!

The photos of the friends are awesome!!

I think I need to watch the documentary on minimalism...

Love the glasses and noses but not the lying...

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'd never heard that you had a pickle juice popsicle! How funny!

Wow! You sure got a lot of Christmas cards! We seem to be getting less and less every year. I like how you displayed them.

I love the fresh flowers :) I don't have them very often, but there's something special about having them in the house.

A ski trip sounds like fun! Looking forward to reading those posts :)

Love you all!