Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Call Back 2017

The Call Back banquet was on January 14th:

The Via Christi FMR graduating class of 2017

Just the girls

Just the guys

This year, the band wrote a song for Philip, called him up on stage, gave him a tambourine, and then pushed him into the crowd, who threw him up in the air!! =)   Everyone knew it was going to happen except him and it. was. AWESOME!!!


He got some air here!

Him recovering after

The lyrics they wrote 

Dr. Stringfield thanking him for a great first year and presenting him with a framed copy of the song, signed by the band


Here is a link to a video my friend, Becca took!

Me and my party animal

The Band

What a memorable night!   A Call Back we'll never forget!! =)


Mom W. said...

So awesome, so wonderful to honor Philip for his good service!!! A real tribute!!

Jessica said...

how funny!!! I don't see a active link with the video but I would love to see it!! Would you email it to me when you get a sec? Also loved catching up on your life and can't wait to see you soon!!!

Kathleen said...

OMWorld!!! That was so hilarious!! I know just how majorly that was out of his comfort zone!! And I loved the lyrics & how well Philip took all of it! I SO wish I could've been there in person!! Thank you, Joia, so much for posting this so I could be a part of it!
I love you Philip & am so proud of you!!
Love, Mom

Mark and Rebekah said...

Hahaha! Mark and I had a good chuckle over this :)

You're a good sport Dr. Dooley! Congratulations on a successful first year!