Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 In Review

Here is an abbreviated (well, as abbreviated as I could manage... believe me, this IS the trimmed down list!) overview of our 2016!


We started the year with a great visit from Andrew and Bethany!

The kids and I did a Major de-cluttering of the whole house!

Philip started his new job as Program Director!

Dad D came to visit!


Keenan and I snuck into Philip's office and "decorated" it for his birthday

For Valentines, Philip did a couple's Paint Nite with me!!


Keenan turned Nine!

The Storeys came to visit!!

We hosted a big Seder celebration dinner

We had house guests for a while and made new friends - the Longa family!

The craziest Easter weather ever!!

Philip's trusty Honda Civic was stolen =0/


The kids and I flew to Florida to visit Myrtle

...and hoped over to Alabama to see the Grays

...and then Grandma Eberts surprised the kids and showed up to!

Keenan and Moriah finished another year of Classical Conversations

I had six kids for six days while Devin and Melissa took some time for themselves

We took a trip to Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska

Our friends, the Stephens, adopted Tam!

I had a very special 35th birthday

We went to Ah Rim and Min Soo's wedding

We first met Jane Winny, and her family, from Uganda!
(We had no idea they would become such a big part of our lives!)


Via Christi Graduation

Father's Day

Tim and Steph and Crew visited again on their way North!

Canada Day!

We visited the Strataca Underground Salt Museum

July 4th

 Trip to Canada to see my family and celebrate Tim's 40th birthday

Lake house in Michigan

Crystal Mountain Resort

Conference in Kansas City

Back to school!

My second Tiara Triathlon!

Keenan and Moriah did a triathlon in our neighborhood


Museum of World Treasures

Our first Via Christi Bike Trip to Colorado!

The Pennys adopted twins were born - Grace and Justus!

My mom came to visit and watch the kids!

Philip and I visited Andrew and Bethany in South Carolina

We celebrated our 12th anniversary by climbing Mount LeConte

Keenan and Moriah ran their first 5K!

Nathan, Laura and Ciara came for Canadian Thanksgiving

*I deleted my Facebook Account*



Caleb turned Five!

Keenan and Moriah ran the Turkey Trot
(and brought home a 26 pound turkey!)

We celebrated their first American Thanksgiving with our Ugandan friends

Our family and a bunch of friends started The Holiday Running Streak!

We took a trip to Lindsborg, KS with the Pennys

Moriah turned 8 and got her ears pierced!

Mom, Jeff and Isaac came for five days and it SNOWED!

Christmas Eve with Jane's family

Christmas Day at home, just the five of us

Rob and Ada and the kids came for three days

New Year's Eve!

What a year!   It has been fun, it has been exciting, it has been incredibly busy, it has been hard, it has been a year of humbling, and learning and new experiences.   We are grateful as we look back and excited as we look ahead!   Happy New Year!


Mom W. said...

Good overview!!! God is good!!!

Rebekah Storey said...

I loved looking through this! Miss you and miss living 1 minute drive away from you people! Love you!

Mark and Rebekah said...

You always pack so much fun into a year! What a great opportunity to look back on the year and be thankful :)

I LOVE the family picture of you guys on New Year's Eve. Awesome!