Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wichita's Own "Bethlehem Walk!"

When a friend told us about "A Living Nativity: Christ is Born" event near here, it sounded an awful lot like the "Bethlehem Walk" that I so enjoyed (and got to be a part of one year) back home in Ontario!  Since our family is never in Canada in early December when that happens, I had mourned the fact that my kids would never get to experience it for themselves.  I was hopeful that this would be similar!

 On Friday night we drove to the location, parked in a field, boarded a cold, windy shuttle pulled by a tractor, made the half mile drive to the location of the event... and fortunately got to go inside to register, have hot chocolate and popcorn and warm up while we waited for our group to be called (already pretty much exactly like the Bethlehem walk).

The kids enjoying their hot chocolate and popcorn

This was some sort of business garage that they had set up for the event

They made it really pretty!

When our group was called, we were introduced to our leaders, Joel and Hadassah, and then Frank (the guy who started it five years ago), gave us a little introduction.    Then we were off on our one hour adventure!    We walked on a path lit by torches to the different stops:

(These photos are pretty horrible, but I didn't want to use my flash and disrupt the experience for others.   Here are the few that sort of turned out):

The first few stops were Moses, King David, Isaiah and Micah, as they each prophesied about the birth of the Messiah

The angel coming to Mary

Elizabeth and Mary

Joseph in his carpentry shop

They had an AMAZING marketplace set up that we walked through but all of my pictures (because I was walking) were horrible =0/

Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus

I liked this one with Caleb and Moriah in it

The wiseman had an Elaborate set up!

Here they are talking to King Herod

Offering their gifts to Jesus

Jesus as a boy, in the temple

Healing a blind man

At Calvary

The tomb

The night ended up back inside (in the warm) as they shared the message of the gospel!    What an amazing event, with over 100 cast members (including a Roman soldier on horseback) and lots of live animals!    I think we have found a new Christmas tradition!


The Woodfords said...

Oh, that is SO neat! It looks like it is really well done - glad you found it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really great!! So much work and attention to detail!! Hope it is used as a tool to reach many with the true message of Christmas!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

This is so cool! I actually have never gone to one before... Maybe I need to borrow someone's kids and take them :) Actually, if I remember, it would be an awesome Teen Night thing!
What a fun tradition for you guys! I'm so glad you found it and that it's being enjoyed by so many! I'm sure the Lord will use it to bless others!