Friday, December 16, 2016

Tis the Season

Here are a few Christmas things we've been up to...

We finally got rid of the old love seat in our basement...and when we heard stuff rattling around inside, we sliced open the back and found a TON of our stuff in it! =)

 Caleb then climbed inside and hid in the couch

 A web the kids strung all over the basement (I allowed this to happen because they were playing so sweetly together at the time)

 On December 5th, the kids and I snuck around and put treats in the shoes of all our local friends doing the running challenge.   They got their own surprise treats in their shoes at home.

 I decided it was time to get rid of a coat of Philip's (that was old when I met him!) and I noticed it had a tag on the zipper... from the day we went to "The Fridge" (a tube sledding place in Michigan) with his cousins... December 30th, 2003.   He proposed that night! 

I did minimal Christmas decorating this year...

 The mantel

 ...and the tree

 Caleb doing an oral presentation at CC on his favorite book 

 My class working on a constellation map

All my boys on the last day of class!
(Benny, Cal, Dawson, Marty, Henry, Caleb and Ben)

This is a beautiful beeswax candle that one of my students made for me =)

Did (chilly) Christmas photos for this cute couple on the 10th

She did a great job executing her pinterest find =)

I think this one is sweet

Philip had found a great black Friday deal on cots for the kids for camping.   We decided to give them to them as a surprise "sleep by the Christmas tree" last weekend...

They set up as bunk beds!!

Sweet sleeping faces by the tree...

My running partners...

Moriah for the first mile...

My boys for the second mile =)

We got a present from Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary

This year's new ornament!

Some sweet friends from house church got together for a small Christmas party on Wednesday night
(Becca, Me, Lindsay, Angela, Melissa, Charis, Dawnita, Michaela)
(I promise I've only worn the ugly Christmas sweater two days, even though these photos make it seem like I've been wearing it all month!)

More to come...


Mom W. said...

Just catching up!!! Those cots are amazing, double decker?

Your mantle is really nice and the tree too!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

That's so exciting about the old loveseat. Is this where the new sectional went?

I love your Christmas mantle. The red pointy trees are very cool... It's too bad we don't live closer. I'd love to start a "Lending Library" of decorations :) Haha. Probably a silly idea...

I love the picture of you with "your boys". Very cute. I'm sure they loved their fun teacher :)

And bunk bed cots are an awesome idea!