Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rob and Ada's visit Dec 2016

 We had a Great post-Christmas gift to look forward to:  A visit from Rob and Ada, Brayden, Josh, Galina and Olivia for three and a half days!!!

Unfortunately, I hardly touched my camera! =0/  I guess we were having too much fun..

 The kids got gifts from Rob and Ada

 ...and a box of fun from my parents

 All the cousins loved the Kinder Eggs!

 My mom made Moriah an adorable nightgown for her birthday!

 All the girls in the nightgowns from Grandma =)

On Tuesday afternoon, while Keenan and Moriah were at piano lessons, Ada and I went to the grocery store and had a good chat.

 On Tuesday night we went to Logan's for dinner
(The kids each ate about a Pound of shelled peanuts and several rolls each and Then ate all of their dinners, too!!  It was unreal!)

That night, Rob, Ada and I watched The Giver, while Philip and Keenan played the new Catan card game that they gave Keenan for Christmas.

Wednesday morning I needed to take Jane and Amos to a doctor's appointment and deal with a bunch of paperwork, phone calls, etc for them, so Rob and Ada held down the fort and made lunch.

In the afternoon, we went to the zoo!

 Watching a fish chase a spotted ray

 My only picture of their whole family (in the Tropics)

 This was super cute (despite Keenan's closed eyes)

 All of our lion cubs

 A rare sighting of the lioness allowed onto the male's big rock =)

 This statue is brand new, it's a small replica of the "Keeper of the Plains"
(I think it's probably called "The Zookeeper")  Ha!

After dinner we took them to Nifty Nut House, and judging by the box of stuff they left with, they liked it as much as we do! =)   

On Thursday, Ada did Moriah's hair:

 Moriah LOVES having her hair done!

 I think she looks like a ten year old here!

 Sooo pretty!!

 She figured she should get dressed up to model it properly =)

On this day, we got word that my Dad's brother, Uncle Dave, had gone home to be with Jesus.   It wasn't a shock because he had deteriorated quickly before this, but it was still sad, and it was nice to be with other family, since Philip was at work.

In the afternoon, we played "Dixit", and then I needed to take Keenan to the doctor, after he got shot in the eye with a nerf gun.   Philip was worried he might have a corneal abrasion.    He loved the numbing drops they gave him, and I loved seeing his eye all lit up and glowy when they put dye in it and looked at it under a black light ;)  Thankfully there was no abrasion!    When we got home, Ada had dinner on!   I love that girl!

That night we drove downtown to see the lighting of The Keeper of the Plains.   It's always so pretty, seeing the reflection on the water and then we walked across the bridge and stood where we could feel the heat of the fires!

 After most of the kids were in bed, we introduced Rob and Ada to Ticket to Ride.   We had a great game and Ada got second place her first time!!

It was great to get to spend time with Rob and Ada's kids and see them interact with their cousins.   They definitely have Amazing manners (some of which we are now implementing since they left)!

 They left on Friday morning to head to Iowa to visit with a couple of Ada's sisters and their families.

Thanks SO much for making the (long) trip to come see us!   It makes me so happy that all four of my brothers have been here now! =)


Mom W. said...

So fun to see you all, love seeing all you did! I was glad they were there when you got word about Uncle Dave!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the nighties from Grandma, and it's so cool that they all got to be in a picture together the year that she did that!

Mark's favourite restaurant has been Logan's ever since you took us to one in Florida nine years ago... I can't believe how much the kids ate! That's insane!

Did you like The Giver? It's very different from the book, so my students are always disappointed when they watch it after reading the book... I teach the book every year, and it's crazy how many of those controversial ideas (that were crazy controversial when I started reading it with the kids about 8 years ago) are now normal...

Before Rob and Ada left, Mom was wondering what you were going to do with them while they were there, and she did guess a few of the things:)

Ada, I LOVED Moriah's hair!!!! I may have to hire you to do mine sometime! Of course the gorgeous girl and the gorgeous outfit only make it more beautiful.

What a special time you guys had together. It's so awesome that the cousins could spend time together.