Sunday, December 18, 2016

Moriah's 8th Birthday!!

What a fun birthday Moriah had!

She loved the decorations waiting for her when she woke up...

She got a Cinderella dress for her doll from Aunt Jessica, so she dressed up for a picture with Meredith
(The necklace she's wearing was from Caleb)

All ready to head to the mall!

Hairdo compliments of Grandma =)

All us girls

First up... to Claire's for her gift from Mommy and Daddy - getting her ears pierced!   She was so excited!

A little nervous while she waited

Marking where the holes will be

I liked that they had two people do it so they could do it all at once

All done!  She was soo brave!

Me doing the very first cleaning around her new earrings

For lunch we went to Noodles and Company... it was Delicious!   Especially the tomato basil bisque that mom and I got with our salads!  We each got an extra cup of it to sip while we shopped! =)

After lunch, we went to Old Navy where Moriah got to pick out two cute outfits from Grandma and Grandpa:

 This cute sweater, shirt and skirt...

...and this dress (and the leggings)
The cute hair band is from Uncle Isaac!

Then we went to Bath and Body Works and picked out some yummy things (and Moriah was even sneaky and bought Grandma a gift without her knowing).   She LOVED celebrating her birthday with grandparents here!!!

Cookie cake after dinner!

Our birthday girl

Blowing out the candles and a photo bomb from Grandpa =)

She requested that we play Dixit, so we introduced Mom, Isaac and Jeff to it

It was also our "Christmas Eve" with Mom and Jeff, so they each got a present...

New Christmas pajamas!
(The santa beard on Caleb's t-rex glows in the dark!)

When she went to bed, Philip and I gave Moriah a "double snuggle".   We were telling her how blessed we are to have her as our daughter, and we prayed and thanked God for her and her gifts and talents... when we finished, she had tears in her eyes.   I asked what was wrong and she said, 'I'm just happy that you think I'm that nice!"   Oh, what a sweet precious girl you are, Moriah Joy. We sure Do think you're that nice!    We couldn't as for a more precious eight year old!  Happy Birthday!


Mom W. said...

Amen to the last paragraph!!! So good to affirm her!!! She has a true servants heart, a humble one!!! God please keep her that way!!!

What a great Birthday and Christmas eve combined, so special for all of you!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm glad Moriah had such a special day! How fun to have family there to celebrate too!!! I love the French braid :) And shopping as a birthday gift - a girl after my own heart :)

Oh sweet Moriah, you really are that special! Philip and Joia, you are blessed to have such a sweet, sweet little girl!