Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mom, Jeff and Isaac's Visit, December 2016 - Part Two

Monday, December 19th:

The kids trying out the new Pizza Co. game for Osmo (they love it!!)

Mom bought cute matching "Let it Snow" shirts for us =)

Mom and Keenan playing a piano duet

Playing the Osmo Coding game (even Philip likes this!)

Philip decided to take Caleb's new passport pictures that evening while I was out... in his pajamas ;)

Tuesday, the 20th

Caleb dragged his blanket out of bed with him and promptly lay down on the dining room floor like this =)

One of the kid's gifts was this cool "growing" Christmas tree!
(This is right after I assembled it and put in the special "water")

...hours later after it grew and filled in!

We went to Jimmy's Egg for breakfast!
(We were quite cozy in this booth, but it was perfect!)

Two snugglers

Time for another movie! =)
(Pete's Dragon)

I roasted a chicken for dinner on Tuesday night, and on a whim, decided to set the table pretty, get out the china and make it a "fancy" meal for their last night with us.
(I had to eat in a rush and then go to the hospital to take Amos HOME!!)

We had planned to go see the torches lit on the Keeper of the Plains, and then drive through a light display.   They were just going to meet me downtown, but we realized (after I had picked Jane, Amos and the baby up and was driving to their house), that somehow I had both sets of van keys with me!   Unfortunately that meant that there wasn't time to do what we had planned.   I felt horrible, but they ended up having a fun time at home anyway!

Keenan had the brilliant idea of piling up most of our snow in the front yard (because he wanted to have the last snow on our block when it all melted).   They made a small hill and track out of it and spent the evening sledding! =)  Mom sent me these pics:

Caleb shoveling

Keenan ready to go

Haha!   Wearing gloves that are way too big
(the rest of what she took that evening was video)

Monday, the 21st (their last day)...

Jeff and the kids each decorated a side of the gingerbread house

Caleb hard at work

Moriah making a window

Quite the team!

Moriah's side

Keenan's side

Jeff's side

Caleb's side

Jeff's side, totally finished, with a star, and some embellishments =)

The kids got in some last minute sledding with Uncle Isaac (he's wearing my coat, so he didn't get his wet again before packing it to fly home!)

This cracks me up

Riah gets a push

Keenan on the mountain top ;)

They left for the airport around 3 pm.   We had SUCH a wonderful visit with them!   Thank you three for coming for an early Christmas with us - we loved having you!!!  (Thanks Mom for all the photos you shared!)

After they left, I discovered that Jeff had beautifully wrapped all the gifts for Jane and Amos' family! 

What a blessing!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the Dooley sledding hill! Hahahaha! It's awesome what kids find fun :) I love the gingerbread house too.

The funniest thing to me is Isaac in your coat! For some reason my brain couldn't get over that one :) Haha!