Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mom, Jeff and Isaac's Visit, December 2016 - Part One

Mom, Jeff and Isaac arrived on Friday, the 16th (Jeff's first visit to Wichita), and we had a Wonderful visit with them! Here are pictures from the first couple days:

One of several games of Ticket to Ride

I don't think I had posted the kid's Christmas tree yet (maybe I did!)  They made all these ornaments themselves with Perler Beads!

First movie on our new sectional!
(Charlie Brown's Christmas)

Jeff and I both had on pajamas with characters from "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

We were all Delighted when we got SNOW on Moriah's birthday!!!

I decided that if some of my running challenge people would be running in the snow (since they don't have treadmills or Y memberships), I'd better brave the cold and do it, too!

Off I go!

...and back!

I was greeted by this crew on my return (they couldn't get enough of it!)

Stockings and gifts waiting on the fireplace on "Christmas Eve" (the 17th) for the morning...

It's Christmas!!!    Quite early that morning, I got a call from our friend, Jane, that she needed a ride home from the hospital, so Mom and I went out (in our pajamas!) and picked up Jane and the baby, Bahati.    We were able to help her sort through some mail, bills and paperwork... and came home with new things to pray about (as they were planning to move Amos to a rehab facility 5 hours away in Lincoln Nebraska!

When we got home, it was time for stockings and gifts.  Mom brought a whole suitcase of gifts and stoking stuffers and even brought all our special stockings from her house....  Quite the "Mary Poppins" bag feat, I think! =)

Caleb and his stocking

Moriah and Keenan

Caleb and Grandma with one of his stockings gifts

Philip and I with our stockings

Super cute salt and pepper shakers

Mom, Isaac and Jeff with their gifts from us

The kids, ready to open their joint gift from Grandma and Grandpa!

They got two new games for Osmo, Coding and Pizza Co.

Keenan demonstrating Osmo for them

After I finished my run, Isaac was just heading out, so I joined him for his mile - it was a Great run!

Snowy Caleb

I didn't want to spend the day in the kitchen, preparing our Christmas dinner, so we opted to go out for lunch to Cheddars Scratch Kitchen.

The kid's table

The adults (everything was delicious...and no dishes or cleanup!)  =)

On the way home, Mom, Moriah and I ran into Walmart, and Jeff let the boys play on a snow pile int the parking lot...

For our neighbor gifts this year, I didn't want to bake and wanted to do something a little different... When I found this idea online, I Had to do it!

We still need to deliver them, though!  (Maybe tonight)

That afternoon, Mom and Jeff and the kids walked over to a small incline by our ponds, so the kids could try sledding...

 Goofy Riah

 Checking out the ice on the pond

Time for snow angels!




On Sunday evening, we all went to house church at Devin and Melissa's.   Our group was smaller than usual, since a lot of people were already out of town, but it was a sweet time of fellowship.   Josh and Charis had organized an Advent celebration, with different Scripture readings, songs, and the lighting of the five candles in between.   It was really cool!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

Is the kids' Christmas tree in the basement? Very cool!

Awesome job running in the snow. Mark prefers it to the treadmill. He has spikes for the bottoms of his running shoes...

I love how Philip's mom does Christmas! No detail is missed :) That's so cool to have the stockings.

The blankets are such a sweet idea! You do such a good job of blessing the people around you!