Friday, December 16, 2016

Lindsborg, Kansas Trip with the Pennys

Melissa told me about a cute, Swedish inspired town called Lindsborg about an hour and a half away. Her background is Swedish (as is mine on my mom's side!) so we decided to make a fun trip of it with the kids on Friday...

Devin braved the twins on his own with three of the boys, and Melissa rode with me so we could chat... so much fun!

First we stopped at a bakery where (believe it or not), you could choose your own pastries and drinks and put your money in a basket and make change!   Talk about small town!!

Sharing hot chocolate

Roger stayed with us for a few days and came along

 I love this (these cameras were part of a cool display in front of a photography business)

Moriah and Eden with one of the many pretty dala horses around town

I love this one of all the kids with the Biggest dala!  (This was in front of the "Hemslojd", one of the coolest stores in town).   I bought some really cool stuff here.

We went to a really cool park and all of the (crazy) kids played for quite a while in the freezing cold, while the adults (and the baby twins) hung out in the warm van.

We had a delicious lunch at the Swedish Crown!

Swedish meatballs!

The whole clan!

Melissa and I before we all headed home

Loved this!   Will definitely go back (maybe when it's warmer out and we can enjoy the cute downtown more.


Mom W. said...

I couldn't have told you anything about those dala horses, I hope you can tell me something... Looks really fun, glad you got a taste of "Swede" =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the picture of Caleb and Moriah sharing the hot chocolate. SO cute :)

Those dala horses are cool. Looks like an awesome little town, and so fun that it's part of both your (you and Melissa) heritages!