Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

First, Christmas Eve...

It was a wonderful, relaxed day, spent mostly at home.

Story time with Daddy

In the evening we went to a beautiful candlelight service at my friend's church and then headed to Jane and Amos' house to drop off their Christmas presents:

Moriah and Bahati

I LOVE this picture!  This is the most of them we've had in one photo!  (Amos was sleeping)
Merry first Christmas in America!

When we got home, I snagged a quick photo of all of us while we looked nice:

Then the kids got into jammies and got to each open one gift:

These were gifts I had bought when we visited the town of Lindsburg (Moriah got dala horse earrings and the boys got fun books)

Daddy and Caleb reading his Viking book

Keenan reading his book, about Leif Erikson

Christmas morning!!

Stockings first!

They loved these little coke bottles 

Caleb liked the water bottle/snack cup

Keenan with his joke book

Then we had a delicious breakfast and started opening gifts.  Caleb decided he wanted to go last and Daddy should go first.

The first gift - from Aunt Jessica!

A Michigan chair!

Works great!

Moriah had the tiniest gift of Christmas (beautiful earrings from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt)

My gift from Philip

What a great surprise!   An amazing camera gear/iPad backpack!

Riah's gift from us


Caleb's gift from Papa - a kit with six simple machines (pully, screw, cart, wedge, lever board, barrel weights)

My gift from Caleb - a pretty sledding girl

Caleb gave Keenan some dart guns

The kids got new Michigan slippers for Daddy

Keenan LOVED his Barnes and Noble Gift card from Matt and Jessica!

Moriah got a Magic School Bus volcano kit and 2nd grade "Smarty Pants" cards from Papa

Caleb was pretty excited about his scooter from Daddy and Mommy

This was our gift to Keenan


Philip and I with some gifts from each other

Keenan got "Seven Wonders - Duel" from Papa

Mark and Rebekah got us the audio books of Hiding Place and Ben Hur!

Caleb gave Moriah a watch

All of us playing Caleb's new "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" boardgame

Thanks, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt!

Moriah and I wore festive hats for our run
(We all ran together, but just did laps back and forth on our street because of the 30 m/h winds!!

Moriah trying out her new rollerblades for the first time!

I roasted my first duck for lunch!
(I used this recipe and highly recommend it)

Years ago, at my Aunt Nora's my dad read a story to us all on Christmas Eve.   I had Wonderful memories of it, but couldn't remember what it was called.   A month or so ago, a friend mentioned she was reading it to her kids and it was called, "The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever".   I ordered it (and the movie!) on Amazon!    I read the book to the kids over the past couple of weeks and we watched the movie yesterday afternoon.    It was so fun!! =)

The evening was pretty chill and fun...

Caleb played with his gift from Papa...

...Moriah learned how to make giant snowflakes...

...and Keenan and Philip played Keenan's new game

...and this morning we took a picture for Mom and Jeff (who gave me these fun photo props and we forgot to use them while they were here!)

We had a Merry, Merry Christmas!!


Becki D said...

Merry Christmas, Joia!! <3

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm glad you guys had such a special family Christmas together!!! I love it!

I'm glad you guys made Jane and Amos' first Christmas in Canada special!

I LOVE your family picture in front of the Christmas tree!

So many great gifts! I love seeing all the happy faces! And awesome backpack! Great gift, Philip!

Merry (late) Christmas Dooleys! And Happy New Year!!!