Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016!

Today was a great day!   (Well, Philip had to work, so that part wasn't great, but the rest was!)

Today was the first day of the Holiday Running Streak Challenge, so this morning the kids and I headed over to the Pennys to do our first run with Jade and Eden (27 others have joined us in the challenge!!!)

Caleb and Moriah bought these hats yesterday - they crack me up!!

All ready to head out and get warmed up!!
(The girls did a 10:32 mile, not bad!)

I roasted up this bad boy yesterday (the kid's 26 pounder from the Turkey Trot!) and also made two desserts - Chocolate peanut butter bars and pumpkin pie bars.

This morning I cooked the rest of the meal (cheesy potatoes, squash, corn, stuffing and made a salad), and then we loaded it all up in the van and headed across town to celebrate with our refugee friends!  (On the way, we stopped at the hospital and dropped off Philip's share, with one of the residents, since Philip was in a delivery!)

This paper write-on kid's table cloth was a hit!!

Time to eat!

Patricia and Moriah

Seriously, Caleb!?
L-R: Gabriel, Obama, Justus, Jane, Michael

Everyone loved the table cloth, not just the young kids! =)
Keenan and Gabriel playing the dot line box game

Caleb and Michael playing at the other end of the table

Caleb made Gabriel color his turkey with him =)

Bahati woke up and had some dinner, too!

Jane and I
We are So grateful to know this family and are honored to call them our friends!

When Philip got home from work tonight, he and I went out and ran a mile (so glad he's doing the challenge, too) and then we turned on our outdoor Christmas lights for the first time (he put them up a few days ago, but we don't do Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving) =)

A couple randoms:

Keenan used Moriah's loom and made this long chain!!!

Yesterday we received a package from JAPAN!!    A friend of ours, Mary Jo (she was on our Ecuador team back in 2003!) and her husband are missionaries there.     Six weeks ago she put a package of treats in the mail for us and we'd been anxiously awaiting it's arrival!   What a fun "international tasting experience" it was!

This was unlike anything I'd ever seen before, sort of spongy?  The kids really liked it!

The most "normal" thing in the package was square, chocolate covered cookies, and the strangest thing were sheets of "fish jerky!"  (those were not our favorite) ;)


Mom W. said...

Haha, fish jerky, really??? Wouldn't be my favorite either!!

Thanksgiving with the friends looks like it was a big hit, go you Joia!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...
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Mark and Rebekah said...

Sorry I take so long to comment on your blog. I always read right away, but I don't like commenting from my phone so I tell myself that I'll comment as soon as I get to my computer, but that never seems to work out all that well. So then when I have time I sit down and comment on a whole bunch at once :) That's just my explanation of what's going on here. I check your blog daily for new posts and I'm always excited when I find one :)

I LOVE what you did for Thanksgiving. Some people could have felt sorry for themselves because their husbands had to work, but you went and blessed other people. I'm THANKFUL for you!

The food looks delicious and everyone seems to be having fun! Good job Joia!

Love you!