Monday, November 14, 2016

Second Week of November

I'm just going to keep putting up random collections of pictures that show what we've been up to.. =)

At CC last week, for Science we made rockets!    It was such a busy, crazy, time that this is the only picture I got!   Moriah's rocket (propelled by a reaction between baking soda and vinegar) shot about 40 feet in the air!   I ended up getting covered in vinegar and baking soda when one of my student's rockets blasted off prematurely =)

That evening, I did a photo shoot for our friends, the Doolittles.   They are so awesome.  Jeff works with Philip (and is a huge cycling enthusiast and tuned up my bike and replaced some parts before my tri!)  Jenny is a wonderful friend and a veteran homeschooler who is a wealth of knowledge and experience for me.   Juli is one of our favorite babysitters.   The other kids are Josh, Joel, Jacob, Jillian and Josephine. =)

All J's!
To keep up with my photographic endeavors, you can check here.

We assembled our Operation Christmas Child boxes this week

The kids and I went to the Gingerbread Village event at Exploration Place on Saturday

The kids got to put a shingle on the giant house that the culinary students from the local college were making. 

(Unfortunately, we missed the best part as they weren't putting candy on until the next day)

We each got to build and decorate our own house

Ready to go!

Moriah's house needed a little help, and Keenan's fell down, so he just decorated the walls while they lay flat =)

My roof slid off, so I donated my candy to the kid's houses
(I think building your own house is for the birds anyway, I like my gingerbread house to 1) Actually be made of gingerbread and 2) for it to come pre-assembled!)  =)

Caleb and Moriah's houses

Philip got home from a conference in Louisville on Saturday night and we had a fun, laid back family day on Sunday.    Philip even humored us and played Pictionary with us!

Silly kids

Sunday night our friends, the Longas, stayed over, since they were back in town for some check ups for Joshua (remember he was born prematurely 7 months ago).

He is a chubby, bouncy, happy baby now!!

At 12:25 AM this morning, I was woken by Caleb at my bedside saying, "Mama, I puked in my bed".     That's pretty much my Least favorite way to be woken, but it ended up being fairly well contained and not too big of a mess to clean up.  (And I always kind of feel like superwoman when I clean up puke in the night and tuck my kid back into a clean, cozy bed) =)

Amy's mom, Angelina hung out with us for the morning while they were at Joshua's appointments.  She and Moriah really hit it off and she loved learning how to "knit" on Moriah's loom! =)

Caleb found this in our winter bin (I think I got this from you, Rebekah?) and insisted on wearing it around the house today.

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Mom W. said...

Great picture of the J family, I mean the Doolittles!! Great friends too, I see. Gingerbread fun!!! (Yes, it SHOULD be gingerbread!!!)