Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Road Trip to Montezuma, Kansas!

About a week ago, a friend asked if I would consider doing a photo shoot for her extended family at her parent's farm the day after Thanksgiving... the only catch was that it was in a tiny town called, Montezuma... three and a half hours from Wichita!!    Philip was rounding, she said she'd pay me for my time, and the kids and I decided to take a roadtrip and make a day of it!

If this photo doesn't shout "Kansas", I don't know what does =)

We got to the town about an hour before the shoot, so while we waited, we checked out a coffee shop that my friend recommended.   It was adorable, the drinks (hot chocolate for Moriah and Caleb, a frozen caramel drink for Keenan and a chai tea for me) were all delicious and came with adorable, stamped burlap cup holders!  (Oh, and the people in the shop knew the people we were coming to see!)

After that, we headed down the street to the Stauth Memorial Museum.    It turned out to be quite a gem!     The Stauth family set up the museum to display all of the amazing artifacts they collected on their journeys around the world (to every continent except Antartica)!    It was a phenomenal collection!   (We literally had about 20 minutes left when we got there, so a sweet lady who works there gave us the "super fast" tour through everything).

Keenan loved the coin collections from all over the world

Moriah loved this pretty African jewelry

Caleb liked the ivory carvings

They also have an exhibit area that changes out every month to six weeks.  Right now it has "Christmas Traditions of Western Kansas".    There were displays set up by various families, businesses or churches...

We were in such a rush that this is the only picture I took of that part of the museum.  On the left was a collection of beautiful china dolls one woman had made and on the right was a stocking collection that a grandmother (now 91) has made for each of her grandchildren when they were born (the most recent one was made for a baby a couple weeks ago!)

One snap of all of us

Caleb wanted to pretend to put an ornament on the tree

Also in the museum was the Fry Wildlife Collection.    Ralph Fry was a neighbor of the Stauths and was a big game hunter.    He hunted for almost 50 years, all over North America, including Canada, Alaska and Norway.    His collection is stunning.

He even had a Wolverine!!

...and a "Jackalope", hahaha!

Too funny

Our guide told us that the moose heads were the only ones mounted at actual height.  That blew my mind!!!

We weren't ready to leave yet, but had to get out to the farm for the shoot! =)

The family was awesome - super friendly, very cooperative, and in perfectly coordinated outfits.   What more could a girl ask for??

At the end of the shoot, we drove into town for a couple shots... you know it's a small town when you can pose a whole group in the middle of the street! =)

One last shot as we left town...

The kids did Amazingly well with all that driving in one day (I did let them watch one movie on the way out and one on the way back... as long as I got to choose Elf as one of them)  =)

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I think my favourite picture was the one of the three kids standing on the road :) So cute!

It looks like you made it a special day and had lots of fun. You're lucky to have three cute travel companions / adventurers to go with you :)