Thursday, November 3, 2016

Random October Happenings

Without Facebook, I do intend to blog more, but first, here is a random catch up. (My computer is also having an issue with talking to my camera, so I have to use my card in Philip's laptop and then send everything over to mine, so that's kind of annoying and impedes the speed of the process significantly).

October 15th...

I LOVE this card that Keenan made for Jade's birthday!

After living here for over two years, we took our first family trip to the Wichita Art Museum (it's free on Saturday).   It was fun, but both Philip and I decided it would have been more fun by ourselves...  it's a little nerve wracking keeping track of three kids around so much art!

Moriah kissing a bison sculpture outside =)

This amazing piece (as well as  huge display over the main entryway) was made by Dale Chihuly, the same artist who made the famous "Flori Di Como" glass blown ceiling piece in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.  We saw it when we visited when Moriah was a baby and as soon as I saw the pieces at our art museum, I Knew they had to be the same guy!

The kids helping decorate a fun art project with dot stickers

This is totally random, I just thought it was kind of cool

On the 16th, I got to do my second twin shoot!    Grace and Justice were rockstars!

These are my two favorite shots

These next few are from a random school day morning on the 19th...

Caleb had just finished his smoothie and had it all over his face =)

We decided to go for a pre-school walk around the ponds in our neighborhood

Fun silhouette

The kids LOVED jumping on these rocks!

Who needs a playground??

So fun to have this so close to our house

A couple shots on the porch when we got back

We have rabbits living under our back patio, and it's always fun when we see them around the yard!

This little guy was washing his face...

...and then cleaning his toes!

On the 21st, we had some friends, Kate, Lilly and Tyler over for a craft and lunch date...

All the kids painting masterpieces

Since our paint stuff was all over the table, we had lunch on the floor =)

I painted a canvas for the twin's nursery

On the 22nd, I got to babysit for Devin and Melissa's first night out!   

8 kids between the ages of 12 and one month - woop!!

Moriah loves babies, just like her Mama =)

Double time!
(This evening actually went Amazingly well - the babies did great and the older kids were a breeze... I get to do it again this weekend!)

Couldn't resist a snap of Keenan taking a rare nap on the couch =)

On the 30th, we had some friends over to watch the Michigan/Micigan State game, Keenan decorated the walkway to welcome our Spartan friends =)

 Pretty fog across the street

 For Halloween we had a pirate, Cinderella and a knight! =)

The only picture I took at the trunk or treat event
(with some of their friends)

On the 2nd, Philip surprised us by coming home at 9:30 am and telling us that he had two days off!   We had a wonderful couple of days with him!   He and Keenan dissected the motor from an old food processor so Keenan could use it for his presentation at CC! =)

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Mom W. said...

Wow, I am behind at looking at your blog, so nice to see the twins and a picture memory of when you first babysat them!!