Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life After Facebook, Etc

Look at me, blogging twice in a WEEK! Ha! =)

Our Laotian neighbors just sent me these photos that they had taken back in the summer.    They are an older, super sweet couple who give us peppers (and treats for the kids) every now and then.   They wanted the kids to pose with these huge Asian Squash they grew =)

I'm not sure what you do with these, but they are massive!

I watched the Penny kids again yesterday and this time the twins gave me more of a run for my money ;)   I was supposed to keep them awake between 6 and 8...which proved to be a delicate balance of keeping them happy and not crying, but not too comfortable, so they'd fall asleep.  There was a lot of rocking and snuggling, and then taking pacifiers out when they started to doze off, and then crying, and then more rocking and singing, and then jostling awake... =)

At one point I got both of them into the MobyWrap!
(They liked it but this proved to be quite toasty for all of us pretty fast)

This was just about "oops, too comfy, starting to fall asleep" time =)

Moriah bought herself three different sizes of looms, and is making me a beautiful scarf right now!   It has proved to be quite the project (involving me trying to figure out how to go back and fix missed loops or whatever several times) =)

Our new halloween candy rule:

I was talking to friends the other day and one of them said that her dentist had said that a one time sweets overload was actually much better for your teeth than to save candy and have a piece a day, exposing your teeth to sugar over and over...

So.  I sat the kids down with their candy and told them they could each choose 20 pieces.   The rest was thrown away.   They had to finish their 20 pieces by lunch time.

Towards the beginning of their sugar load (and totally toked about it)

A dream come true, right?  (They have often joked that they would love it if I would "let them eat candy all day long").   Well... the interesting thing was, that as time wore on (and their jaws wore out), they each ended up choosing to THROW OUT some of the candy that they had chosen, because it was too much, or they didn't want any more of that particular type of candy.  I. was. blown. away!!! (I didn't let them take any of the candy that someone else chose to throw away).   Moriah probably threw out almost half of her candy, Caleb about a third and Keenan (my biggest candy lover of all), about a quarter of his!   I did not see that coming.    After that, they all brushed their teeth Very well and I inspected after to make sure we'd gotten all the gunk off.    From now on, candy will not have a shelf life in our house.   A certain portion of it will be eaten ON the day of the celebration (Halloween, Easter, birthdays, etc) and the rest will be thrown away.

Okay, on to other things....

Most of you probably know that I am off of Facebook now.   I made the decision to delete my account after MUCH going back and forth about it.    Disclaimer:  I do NOT think Facebook is evil and that everyone should get off.   I know lots of people who are "responsible facebook users" and are able to benefit from the pros it offers.   I am not one of those people.    I found it extremely addictive, a huge waste of time, and the most potent mood ruiner in my life.    I found that it would make me feel "less than, annoyed, discontent, angry, stressed" etc on a daily basis.    Also the advertisements, trending news and politics (need I say more????) were just noise and toxins that I didn't need to be feeding my soul with.  
Of the 500 or 600 "friends" I had on facebook, only a small percentage were people who's lives I'm really involved in.    I read an article recently that said that humans are capable of managing only about 150 relationships well, and that of those, 50 are truly important and of those... there are about 15 that are crucial.   This really helped put things into perspective for me and to know that investing in a few people and doing that really well is far better than trying to "spread a thin layer of me over a huge number of people"...and well, that just sounds weird, too. =)
Before hitting the "delete" button, I had a LOT of misgivings... but when I weighed the pros and cons for myself, I had to admit the cons outweighed the pros.   Yes, I will miss out on knowing a lot of things about the day to day lives of people.   I will miss engagements, weddings and babies (but not of the people who matter the most to me).   I will definitely miss seeing people's photos the most.  =0/  Deleting was really, REALLY hard (I may have cried for quite a while), but it helped a lot that faceobook gives you the option to download your Entire account (everything you've posted, all your photos, videos, chats, etc), so I have those HUGE files to go through at some point.
Anyway, that ended up being a lot more wordy than I had planned, but to me this was a (an embarrassingly so) big deal to me, so I thought I'd share it on here, and also to maybe answer questions for any of you who wondered why I did it.

Since quitting facebook, I've started using my time in some other ways:

One of them is doing a (almost) daily left handed drawing!  Haha!   I read somewhere that it's good for your brain to use your non dominant hand, so I thought I'd give it a go... and see if over time I get any better! =)

Here are a couple of my drawings (you may laugh, since I can't hear you from here):

I've also been doing (almost daily) sketches (with my right hand) in a sketchbook just for fun.  I really do LOVE drawing, but don't often take the time to do it, and it's been sooo much fun!

This one reminds me of some of the rabbits we used to have as kids!

I sketched this from a photo I took of Keenan and Moriah several years ago

An old compass

Our wedding cake topper =)

Another thing I've been able to invest time in is starting a "Read Through the Bible in 90 Days" challenge with Keenan.    I'm ashamed to admit that though I have started out many, many times, I don't know that I've ever read straight through the Bible in one shot before.    I figured it's about time.   Keenan loves to read and spends Hours doing it every day, so taking 30 or 40 minutes to do this each day should be a breeze for him and it's great motivation for me to have him along.    In four days we've made it all the way to the 15th chapter of Exodus!   Fun stuff!   (On another note... reading through the Bible with him makes me take extra notice of how much "adult" content there is in the Bible...phew!!)

This has been my Sunday afternoon edition of "catching up on life with Joia".   Hope to see you soon!


Kathleen said...

You have no need to feel ashamed about anything! Not your heartfelt reaction to deleting your Facebook account nor about not ever having read through the Bible. I have never done the latter either and the only reason I am doing so now is because it is a requirement for the Bible classes I am taking at East Coast Christian University! Your honesty and transparency are refreshing. And I totally get what you mean about all the "adult content" that is in the Bible! LOL. Especially if you read it in different versions… I really like the New Living Translation as well as my traditional NKJV. So, you just keep doing what you feel Holy Spirit is leading you to do!!

And oh my world, Joia, what you accomplish in your drawing and sketches with your left hand is something I can't even think about doing with my right hand! They all are so good. I especially liked the bicycle, cake topper and the sketch of the photo of Moriah and Keenan.

Happy 5th Birthday to Caleb too!!

Love, Mom

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the scarves Moriah's making! So fun and creative :)
That's really interesting about Halloween candy... I've always wondered whether it was better to eat it all at once or over a period of time. I don't usually have any problem with my teeth, but I've even wondered weight-wise. Haha. I guess I don't really need to know anymore, but it's something I've pondered. It's very funny that they all ended up throwing out candy!
Thanks for the update on Facebook. I had been wondering... Don't worry about feeling bad. I know I would be really sad too - for a lot of reasons. I LOVE having all my pictures with me all the time because they're online. Hey, I was sad when you left, and it wasn't even me. I was sad that all your comments on my pictures and posts disappeared... And I miss the EASY QUICK way of communicating (like about the Running bib.) But I understand your reasons.
Anyway, I love that you're drawing again. I recognized the cake topper, but my favourite was the picture of Keenan and Moriah :)
Love you mi hermana :)