Monday, November 7, 2016

Caleb's FIFTH Birthday!!

We had a Wonderful day today, celebrating the youngest in our house.

He woke up to balloons hung over his door =)

I Love how excited kids will get over a few dollar store decorations =)

While waiting to open gifts, he wanted to try this one out "like Santa"

An Amazing Lego pop-up book from Keenan and Moriah!

A hang man game and fun cars magnets from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica!

Cars from Keenan
(Surprise from Daddy and Mommy to come later)

Birthday breakfast was waffles with sprinkles in them and hot chocolate!

He loves his dinosaur bike helmet from Grandpa and Grandma Eberts!

My mom found this "Good Night, Good Night Construction Site" themed puzzle for him (it's one of his favorite books and he also has the memory game!)

We did this funny interview with him and recorded his answers =)

The kids got treat bags that our neighbors brought over yesterday and we joined a bunch of my friends for lunch at Wendy's.

He got a call from Papa in Kenya (after we had missed him Twice!) which is always super special. =)

We had a relaxed afternoon and then the kids had a picnic dinner before heading out for the surprise...

We took them to the Funtastic gymnastics place in Derby (Moriah had been there for a birthday party several years ago and our kids had been begging to go).   It's the largest gymnastics facility in Kansas and is pretty crazy!

All three up on top of the jump off bridge!

Keenan and Moriah were raring to jump, but Caleb was a little nervous at this point

On the long trampoline

There go Keenan and Moriah...

...and Caleb finally got up the nerve!

This foam is so deep, Caleb would pretty much disappear when he landed! =)

On the climbing wall

Since the Open Gym fee includes parents being able to drop their kids off, after we watched the kids for a bit, Philip and I went out for dinner at Los Cocos!  (Is it horrible that we left the kids on Caleb's birthday??  Maybe...)  We had a great time!

Caleb had a birthday call from his friend Moriah on the way home and then it was time for cake!

Caleb asked for ice cream cake, so yesterday, Keenan and Moriah helped make a small one...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!

Make a wish!

The inside of the cake

Caleb Michael... you bring soo much joy and laughter to our lives!   You are awesome!   You have great hair, an amazing personality, you are so funny and outgoing and are usually the life of the party.   We thank God for blessing our family with you and we look forward to watching you grow into a godly young man.  We love you so much!   Happy Birthday!!


Mom W. said...

What a great Birthday day and no you shouldn't feel bad for leaving the kids on Caleb's Birthday, as long as he was fine with it and I am sure he was!!! It was a special day and I am sure he felt totally special. He is special!!!Hope he gets his card soon!!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm loving all these blog posts :)
Balloons are ALWAYS a hit, no matter the age :) Haha.
I love the way that your presence is your present. Your kids will cherish these happy memories always!
Happy Birthday Caleb! You're a fun, funny little boy and we LOVE having you in our family :)